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#1 Canva Tips Boost Your Social Posts Quickly To The Next Level

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Hi Bloggers,

In the plethora of social posts, it can be difficult to get the attention of your followers. However, with a few simple tips, you can easily improve your social media skills.

Canva also makes social media design easier.

✔️ Choose from thousands of templates created by designers.

✔️ Edit your own photos with easy-to-use tools (no experience necessary).

✔️ Delight your followers with animated illustrations.

Below you will find several useful tips for creating a message on social media.

Think square.

When you want to add an image or graphic element to your Instagram grid, it is better to consider a square layout. This will make your post look good on your grid and on your followers’ feed as they scroll.

Canva tip: Canva makes it easy to crop your image. Just use the Crop button in the toolbar and drag your design to the correct size.

#1 Canva Tips Boost Your Social Posts Quickly To The Next Level#1 Canva Tips Boost Your Social Posts Quickly To The Next Level

Use filters.

If you want to create a unified feed, which is an easy way to show off your digital personality, filters are a great way to give your images a professional look.

Warm-toned filters can give your images a nostalgic feel, while cold-toned filters can create a strong contrast and make your images stand out.

Canva Tip: Canva makes photo editing easy. To edit images, select the filter panel and choose from 20 professional filters.

Add graphics.

Your social media feed doesn’t have to be just photos. Using design elements is an ideal way to make your Facebook or Instagram post stand out even more.

Canva Tip: Whether you choose text, colors, graphics, or even animated stickers, you can now easily nudge your social media post with the Canva in-app illustrations.

Think about the caption.

Social media captions are the ideal way to give your followers some background to your post and make sure they respond to it.

Below are some simple tips for writing a caption:

✔️ Keep it short and sweet

✔️Check spelling and grammar

✔️Keep it casual and show your personality

✔️Use emojis to help tell your story

✔️Use hashtags so that your story is discovered faster

Use videos.

Videos are a good way to introduce sales concepts, Canva send me this video for promotion goals check it out.

Canva in-built social media and design schedule


Getting your design right can help your business to look like a pro. Most customers look at the layout of your site, and decide if they want to continue or come back in the future.

So it helps to match the design of your site to the needs of the customer. With these Canva tips you get a head start.

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#1 Canva Tips Boost Your Social Posts Quickly To The Next Level

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