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10 Essential Tips To Reach A Deadline With Your Blog And Job

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Reach A Deadline

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Reach A Deadline

Today, we’ll focus on reaching deadlines, as that’s the field that many freelancers have problems with. Sure, you can do good content work, but if you don’t turn your projects in on time, you won’t get many returning customers.

In any industry, you have to deal with time, so time management is a primary key in deadline projects.

1. Light work first and the heavy work later.

If your work consists of a combination of light to heavy work then you have to degree the workload. What comes 1st, and what comes 2nd, and what is last.

2. Keep a list of projects.

If you try to remember the upcoming projects, then your mind will overload, and the next step is that you have memory issues.

My way to go is making a list of things to do and writing them down the old-fashioned way some people like an online list or calendar.

3. Have milestones with a start and end date for your projects.

Using milestones is a work method with a start date and completion date for any project. That gives you a good feel of the timeline of the project. 

Also, this keeps you on alert when a project should end and when something else is about to start.

4. Don’t waste time on useless things.

When you are working on a freelance project, and if you are serious about it, then you should invest a huge amount of time in it.

Block social media time and mobile phone time. I turn my phone off or mute it and for social media: I do only the business side of it that supports my blog. 

I have a 0,0% interest in the selfie mania. 

5. Develop and learn from your deadline mistakes.

If you don’t meet the deadline, analyze when the mistake happened. And when you discover the wrong, you can narrow any damage in your next freelance projects.

6. Say “no” to projects you cannot handle.

A freelancer doesn’t work every day, so it’s easy to just say “yes” to everything. 

For some projects, specific skills are needed if you don’t have them, then you probably won’t achieve the goal. 

Know what you can do and what you cannot. Learn to say “no” to projects.

7. Priorities content.

Not anything online is worth your time and comes from a reliable source. Sure we find content with Google or Bing whatever the case may be content must be divided into relevant. 

I use an 80/20% method of splitting content.

8. Communicate and agree with clients.

Once you’ve finished a step, send the finished work to your client, if possible. 

Sure, it won’t look like a final project, but you can show that you’re making progress, you keep yourself on track, and you can get feedback given from the client. 

It is better to know, as soon as possible that you’re headed in the wrong way than at the end of the project.

9. Learn to negotiate deadlines.

If you cannot make the deadline (you probably overcommitted), you should contact your client and negotiate a second deadline. 

It’s much more beneficial to do this than to let the deadline go by without any contact. Whatever you do, be sure to meet this second deadline.

Two blown deadlines in a row are sad news for a freelancer’s reputation.

10. Clear goals + clear projects = Happy customer.

You and the client should both agree on a sharply defined result. Don’t skip this step, or you could be sorry later. 

If you turn in a project that’s not what the client wanted, you’ll have to do repair work, meaning that you’ll miss the deadline. 

If you’re not clear what the outcome should look like, ask some questions of the client until you are clear.

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To reach a deadline demands a whole lot of planning. Before you work on a project for someone else, you should learn some planning skills.

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10 Essential Tips To Reach A Deadline With Your Blog And Job

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