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10 Video Types That Make Your Blog Community Laugh

10 Video Types That Make Your Blog Community Laugh

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Hi bloggers and recent followers, 

Video types that make you laugh.

Running out of ideas is the most terrible moment for your online business. It’s like you keep going when you are out of gas. When you try to produce fresh content for your business.

If nothing comes out, then you are in trouble. You can better take a break from your commercial activities and shift your focus to laughter.

In this blog post, you will get 10 ideas that spark laughter. (Do not forget to credit the content creator)

Use memes 

Don’t forget that laughter is considered medicine within you that makes you brighten up when you are feeling down. I watch memes and use them to make my blog community laugh.

The reason is to show another side of your business. There are numerous funny videos online, so you can grab them. Don’t take memes seriously, and do not expect that you will learn great things about them.

Funny animals

Everybody likes to watch animals doing weird things from an animal standpoint, it is logical, but from a human view, it doesn’t make any sense. There is no hard thinking, just laughing at the silly things.

Gym fails

I like going to the gym, and I see time after time that a buff dude yells or tries to impress women with weightlifting. Or give wrong advice about how muscles work in the human body.

It is like a moron that does not know what the do. The commentary is enjoyable for the community so laugh it out.

Try not to laugh at videos.

To make people laugh, then present people with funny videos. Where you want the outcome, you have to wait for it and then hold your laugh.

The point is that you know the situation is wrong, and there is only one result.

Your best bet is to have that type of video played in a series. This type of video is a short burst of laughter.

Talents videos

This may sound strange, but talent shows have some joy factors. There are great talents on that show. Also, there are some silly acts and comments from the judges. And the reactions of the performers are just hilarious.

Prank it up videos

When you are running an online business, you get tired and run out of ideas. Sometimes you have no clue what to do. Have you tried to do something else? Add prank videos and watch those smiles coming to you.

Celebrity funny videos

Some celebrities have so much free time they have some hilarious collaboration or a big PR team to pump laughter into their online community. Their videos or pictures are online and ready to be used by you. 

Random funny TikTok videos

You probably know how you can utilize TikTok videos. Not all TikTok videos are fun. When you have selected the ones that got many views and likes.

When you add those videos, you must realize that some videos are not original. Perhaps they have seen the video before on some other media source.


Mahalo for Rock’n Down Memory Lane with me👊🏾 #YoungRock #StrikeAPose

♬ WWE: Electrifying (The Rock) – WWE & Jim Johnston

Acts of kindness videos or pictures

The world that we live in is brutal to get into. Some people have money to spend and some less. When I was growing up, my parents were always poor.

So when a member of my family had a financial breakthrough. We were so happy about that breakthrough for them. In a way is a psychological joy that affects others. 

This is a reason to look for those videos.

How to do it daily videos

Those videos show how daily things are. And what people do to work around outdated inventions. Or what works or does not work. This type of video is inspiring and motivational.

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