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10 WordPress Free Features Bloggers And Readers Like

Features Bloggers And Readers Like

WordPress Features do you want to see this image in fun animation? 👉 Watch it.

Hi, all bloggers and new followers,

If you like to beef up your blog.

Without a doubt, WordPress is considered one of the best blog builders with lots of tools to beef up and display content right.

There are some WordPress tools or features that will help you reach your desired results that you should know.

Moreover, there are some things most readers and bloggers like that you should use.

There are 10 WordPress Features Bloggers And Readers Like that I use in my blog post.

1) Columns. 

With the support of columns, you can easily display and present content to your readers. That makes your content scannable and clear. If you run a blog with lots of pictures that you want to show for a quick overview, then I suggest that you have to try it.

2) Cover image.

A cover or general image is the first image you see on the top of the blog page. In a way, a cover image is a thumbnail image of the content.

I use them a lot everywhere on my blog. The reader doesn’t have to read all the way to the end and can skip content or just like your content.

3) Free upgrade credits.

Upgrading your WordPress account that matches your sales plan is very easy. Upgrading your account doesn’t require coding science. You can recommend going for the next step with their blog by offering WordPress credits.

That can help you in the long run because you store credits on your account and work your way up to the next step. 

This will help you save money on your next upgrade.

10 WordPress Free Features Bloggers And Readers Like
10 WordPress Free Features Bloggers And Readers Like

Upgrade WordPress With Credits

4) Social Media.

Adding social media can boost your SEO and PageRank, it also makes your blog page looks legit. You don’t have to manually post on your social media channels.

With their marketing tool, you can save a whole bunch of time.

5) YouTube videos.

Their video tool is resized to fit mobile devices, so I use it. Mostly I use my own YouTube videos for it because everyone knows how to use them.

6) Safe payment through PayPal.

Do you have PayPal? You know it is a great payment way that WordPress and eCommerce sites use. Adding PayPal can help you reach new markets. PayPal helps you say hi I’m here👋!

7) Categories and tags.

Adding categories and tags help visitors stay longer on your blog. Also, it can help visitors to revisit older blog posts that they might want to read. 

It can boost and supports your overall content structure, and it helps visitors navigate faster. 

8) Scheduler.

A lot you can do when you learn how to schedule content. Learning how to time manage content will work for you. 

Blogging can be time-consuming when you publish every blog post on all your social media channels.

9) Downloads and call to action.

One of the best things you can do is add a page dedicated to downloading or free stuff.

With a quick call to action, you can highlight 

  • Web pages
  • Offers
  • Blog post
  • Something important.

I use them often in my blog ending. This allows you to refer to your own content that matches your readers.

In a way, is this an attention-grabbing SEO and link-building tactic.


WordPress helps us in your online journey. There are many more free tools you can add to your blog. It starts by creating new ways to launch content better that is suitable for your audience.

Every blogger has strong rivals by adding those free features that can save you time, and you don’t have to waste money.

If you don’t know where to start, you can mail me at, and I can guide you, or you can learn it on your own. 

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Getting stuck sucks, reach more with guest blogging | contact to get started
Getting stuck sucks, reach more with guest blogging | contact to get started

2 thoughts on “10 WordPress Free Features Bloggers And Readers Like

  1. “Free available images” is also one of my favorite feature. I mostly use my own pictures but sometimes it’s good to have professional images from the free library.

  2. As always thank you for your comment. Most bloggers use Pexels as a source for free images to boost their graphics. I design the graphics myself that is my personal favorite thing. Thanks, harpiytravel

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