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11 Quick Tips To Market Your Blog On Pinterest | Pinterest Marketing

Market Your Blog On Pinterest

Hi bloggers,

You already know that it is extremely tough to promote the content of your blog.

When we rush to publish the blog, we forget to promote part of it.

In my opinion, is that every blog post you publish on the internet must have the potential and chance to go viral.

To get your content viral, you must first create it. Pinterest is a visual search engine where you can get inspiration or ideas from others who are on Pinterest.

You are wise to check their profile, save their pin, or follow them.

Tips Market Your Blog On Pinterest

  1. Link your blog to a pin or board.
  2. Give a description to a pin.
  3. Create a pin or board title.
  4. Showcase your Pinterest profile on your blog.
  5. Pin other works and follow others.
  6. Work together to pin the best works.
  7. Add new pins regularly. 
  8. Claim your website on Pinterest for actual statistics.
  9. Upgrade your personal account to a free business profile that gives more insights into the performance of each pin. 
  10. Analyze your pins for a better understanding where your pin is best viewed and by whom.
  11. Join group board related to your nice.

Want to join my group boards?

My group boards are a way to:

  • Promote content to a broader crowd.
  • Reach new markets.
  • Turn your content into a commercial hub.
  • Gain new customers.
  • Gain new readers.
  • Get inspiration.
  • Spark new ideas.
  • More collaborations means greater reach.

Do you have Pinterest?

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Promoting your own works can be challenging on WordPress. Social media is hard, most media platforms have their own rules and guidelines when it comes to promotion.

Market your blog on Pinterest is hard but start to follow the 11 tips shown above daily. 

Note: happy pinning

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11 Quick Tips To Market Your Blog On Pinterest | Pinterest Marketing

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