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12 Cool Google Chrome Extensions You Must Have

12 Cool Google Chrome Extensions You Must Have

Hi bloggers and recent followers,

Sometimes you want to add a Google Chrome Extension that can beef up your production flow. Nobody wants to be a stumbling block to someone else or yourself. That’s why you can use Chrome Extensions.

You can find each for your niche/market or working field something that is suitable

Google Chrome Extensions  by category

But you get easily overwhelmed by the many Chrome Extensions. Without a doubt, Chrome Extensions are convenient. And can help your production flow and make things easy.

What is a Google Chrome Extension?

So you don’t know what an extension is: you are kept – in the dark about it. But to give you a clear idea of what it is. It is a piece of software that extend your web browser’s functionality.

How many Extensions do I need?

In this blog from, there are about 176,608 Extensions available for you.

So how many extensions do you need? I suggest going for extensions that can aid in your production goals. That is about 4 or 6.

But you have to be smart about it and don’t let extensions rule over you.

1. Grammar extension Grammarly

Grammarly – Extension by Dropner Blog – Graphic Explainers

Are you working online and mailing a whole lot? You must have a grammar checker and flush out any errors in your online content. 

Users: 10.000.000+

2. TubeBuddy for YouTube

TubeBuddy – Extension by Dropner Blog – Graphic Explainers

Are you uploading videos on YouTube? And are you tired of adding tags and the same description? Do you want to analyze your videos and rank or track them?

This blog post you may want to read: Increase your views with these 3 TubeBuddy Pro features!

You can add the TubeBuddy Extension and give that a try. I suggest running the free version.

Users: 1.000.000+

3. Pinterest save button

Pinterest Save Button – Extension by Dropner Blog – Graphic Explainers

Pin quickly and direct to Pinterest. Do you want a single image to share, you can do it with this save button. It does what it says to save to Pinterest.

Users: 7.000.000+

4. Desktop For Instagram

Desktop For Instagram – Extension by Dropner Blog – Graphic Explainers

If you want to switch Instagram to a web browser – you should try this extension. It is not the official App, so the number of users is much lower. 

Users: 300.000+

5. SocialAnalyzer – Social Sentiment & Analysis

SocialAnalyser – Social Sentiment & Analysis – Extension by Dropner Blog – Graphic Explainers

Tool to analyze social media monitoring and analysis. This tool focuses on social media, and it helps to monitor to get audience profiles. 

It can save you time and effort, letting you fast find trending topics on Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter and get social media monitoring. 

The user count is not high, but this App is on the chrome web store since August 2021.

Users: 1000+

6. Save to Facebook

Save to Facebook – Extension by Dropner Blog – Graphic Explainers

See something online that you want to save for later use? This extension does what it says. It helps your store images and is set to private unless you decide to share them.

Users: 1.000.000+

7. Click&Clean

Click&Clean – Extension by Dropner Blog – Graphic Explainers

Sometimes your computer gets stuck with pieces of leftover files or cookies. And sure it helps protects your computer from unwanted data and any traces on the internet.

With a simple click, you can clean those files that slipped in.

Users: 1.000.000+

8. Scribe: Documentation, SOPs, & Screenshots

Scribe – Extension by Dropner Blog – Graphic Explainers

Generate guides with screenshots with their record button. Save your team and others time and learn how you can make tailor-made explanations. 


✅ Step-by-step instructions

✅ Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)

✅ Work instructions

✅ Screenshot annotations

✅ Process documentation

✅ Training manuals

✅ Knowledge sharing

✅ Much more!

Credit: Scribe – Google Chrome Extensions Page

Users: 50.000+

9. Keyword Surfer

Keyword Surfer – Extension by Dropner Blog – Graphic Explainers

Are you wondering how websites rank on the first page on Google?

They make their content SEO friendly. If you need keywords, competitors’ data, or SEO guidelines, you get it directly in Keyword Surfer.

What Are The SEO Guest Post Criteria? Content Marketing 101 Tips

Basic and Free SEO Tools to Instantly Improve Your Marketing (Guest Post)

Go through the whole process of optimizing and writing content for Google Search. 

Users: 300.000+


SEO META in 1 CLICK – Extension by Dropner Blog – Graphic Explainers

Give your content an SEO structure. SEO strategic tips that see metadata so you can improve your SEO.

This extension gives you an SEO summary, and you can easily switch to other metadata tabs.

Also read this blog post for more information 👉 How To Structure A Blog Post For SEO And Get Amazing Results | 8 Tips.

Users: 300.000+

11. SEOquake

SEOquake – Extension by Dropner Blog – Graphic Explainers

SEOquake allows you to do an SEO audit along with handy metrics. So you can optimize your content and know what you have to pay attention to when it comes down to SEO development.

Users: 800.000+

12. Email Finder by

Email Finder by – Extension by Dropner Blog – Graphic Explainers

If you go with an email marketing campaign and present your offers to the right person, you must have an email sorting list. That can save you time and list email addresses for you.

The sorting of email addresses is good, so you don’t have to search the entire website to collect the company email.

Watch the video of how it works 👇.

Users: 200.000+


Adding a Google Chrome Extension is easy, but you don’t have to install and try everything out to find out if it works. Some extensions are not in your category, and many fulfill the same function. 

And some are not complete to do a fair audit, so if your online development depends on extensions, you may want to take the amount down. (4 up to 6)

If you decide you need more, check the number of users, description, and usage of the extension.

So you get a good viewpoint for yourself.

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Thank you.

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