My roadmap for kick-ass content work


Where do I get the info?

When writing a blog post I have my audience in mind. There are numerous blog post written, therefore I link that particular content back from where I got that information from.

I follow my followers and check out the Search or the Discover feature from WordPress for inspiration and also quality content.

With the right theme, widgets and the right content, your blog can look or feel like a pro.

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Sharpen your content writing skills

Every blogger has the urge to be successful so that’s our begin in the journey of blogging. The good side of blogging is it’s fun and the total revenue is over 50 billion dollars.

I’m not chasing the money but you and I live in an expensive world, it’s good to have some money. Only your talent, skills and mindset can reach success.

So stay motivated or work together to reach a certain goal. The downside of blogging it’s a long-term tactic so be patient.

Content writing basics

To kick off your blog post I use simple things like:

  • Add media.
  • Checking the best font type and colors.
  • Insert links.
  • Check the spacing.
  • Underline is my favorite.
  • Photoshop it (I’m a Graphic Designer, so this one is easy)

Write every time with the potential

With this in mind, you can write an awesome post with the potential to go viral. Be smart about your blog post and be hungry for success.

Don’t quit your blog, be transparent – when you want to stop – take into account: that you can also team up and work together towards the same goal.

Look for the chances and opportunities.

Need tips? Go to the “Art of Blogging” blog. → Click here.

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