A quick guide that generates a blog name!

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Is your blog boring and not unique or do you not like it anymore also do you miss the WOW factor?

Most bloggers have forgotten to use business principles to improve their blogs.

They almost skip that by thinking “it’s only good to use for business but not for blogging”.

Those bloggers are not aware of successful strategies or tactics and factors.

Let me inform you!

A blog name consists of:

  1. Building a brand
  2. Expanding the brand
  3. Translating it into an image, so that your readers can connect with you.

It is a marketing strategy that has not yet been made applicable for blogging. That is the reason that many bloggers (I also) have difficulty with it.

– Let’s dive straight into the WOW factors! –

Blog name #1: Tagline

A good and fun tagline you must-have for creating your brand. The tagline must reflect the customer/reader and your business. The tagline must be small in comparison with the main name.

  • Example: main name/site title = Dropner
  • Example: tagline = Graphic Explainers
  • Example: sub-name = We are explainers and we make arts plus graphics (in the about us page and writing your blog bio)

Blog name #2: Which image do you want to transfer

Your audience must have a clear idea of what you do to solve their problems or how your offer is better than someone else.

  • Example: I want to transfer the following image – stimulating creativity, quality writing, improve branding, and supporting through arts, graphics including explaining tactics.

Blog name #3: With which promotion channels

For expanding your brand you need to build a strong network it can be through other bloggers, featured options from WordPress or social media. For max out the reach to any major channel.

  • Example: Use link building, interlinks or call-to-action-buttons.

Blog name #4: What type of readers should be interested

Which people do you want to attract? If your audience is mature than write or present mature stuff. Treat your audience as a grown-up and with respect.

Blog name #5: The setup and the overall look

The brand is the overall look and feel of every word, sentence, blog or page to the customer/reader.

See it this way creating a brand: it’s the sum off your efforts about your brand’s online image.


Branding is a strategic approach of your image and it is the best way to market yourself.

Setting up a popular blog name involves 5 branding factors. Begin with my factors, this will get you a rough idea of how you should start.

Like, share or follow me. Have I forgotten something? Do you want me to add your advice in my next blog? Let me know by leaving a comment or contact me.

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