Difference Between Dead Versus Alive Blogs


Blogging with no target

You get easily lost in blogging land, there are numerous knowledge-based blogs with rich activity.

You have heard that focus on all those blogs with rich activity, I say no focus on your own blogs because you want to max out every post you publish.

Mark your blog route and gain knowledge about blogging in order to prevent going in circles.

Become a blog leader and don’t follow too many blogs that are confusing.

Dead blogs (no consistency)

But you say I’m a blogger for 5 years! What that means blogging with no consistency.

Dead blogs are that your blog is on its way to close because of the lack of updating the content. And not being a consistence content writer also not interacting with your target readers.

Not connecting, no motivated or none inspired story’s so others can’t relate.

In addition, you fall behind in your niche with old-school knowledge and have barely no creative writing skills.

You have 100% missed the mark! You can always reboot your blog with guest posting and developing your writing skills.

Alive blogs

This means that there are more effort and more action into the blog. Those blogs can grab readers attention with a clear message so others can relate more.

In turn; those blogs have a very active feed, despite the many competition – those blog owners always keep going.

And the writer receives rewards such as like, followers more engagement or gain new knowledge about writing.

Those rewards are better than nothing!

The difference

You probably know what the difference is! Dead means missing the marked and barely any activity.

Alive blog means putting more effort than others, seeking new opportunities and keeping your eyes fixed on the possible rewards.


By examining your blog you can determine what your blog is lacking.

Compare your blog not always with others because they have sharpened their writing and many blog owners are not that active.

Compare only with bloggers related to your niche and mail them for tips, advice or read their blogs.

You can always do guest posting to spark your own blog with link-building.

What blog do you have? Do you need some tips?

Let me know in the comment section or send your comment by mail press this.

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