Writing Catchy Title That Attracts Attention [Writing for Readers – Part 1/4]

Writing for readers

Having a title

Creating a catchy title can be a challenge. The first thing the reader sees is your title.

They judge your blog based on your title as to whether they think it’s worth to continue reading, liking your article, follow you or share.

A good title depends on the 4 most used factors that large companies also use with their big budget.

For the regular blogger, you have to do that from scratch.

  1. Sentence construction
  2. Searchability
  3. Modern and fun
  4. Logical

1). Sentence construction

Every sentence you type needs a structure so that your story can be followed.

To involve the reader in your story, you need an introductory story where you explain the necessity of it. The reader should not have the idea that they will run into a misconception.

When your title sentences run smoothly together with your article, you get the reader’s attention to read more of your blog.

2). Searchability

It is useful for every blogger if you put a few keywords in your post. If your blog should be visible to search engines and if you use the popular phrases you will be found better.

I make a list of the best headlines for my post keywords/title.

Get my free headlines for bloggers list.

3). Modern and fun

Ok, writing good titles is not easy, it can take a while before you know how to do it.

Try to place your titles in the present that refers to contemporary things. Do not use old-fashioned titles that have absolutely no common ground with your readers.

What you have to do is place humor in your titles or blog. Humor is the best medicine for writing a blog and having a conversation.

Use humor to your own advantage.

4). Create a win-win situation

Describe the benefits for the reader in detail. The reader wants to know what the possibilities are of what you offer.

Because they want to end up in a win-win situation. So make sure your title meets this.


Having a great title that grabs the attention of the public reader requires 4 most used stuff.

  1. Sentence construction
  2. Searchable
  3. Modern and fun
  4. Logical

Those 4 things point the public reader to your blog.

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