Satisfied or just “acting” (Guest Blog)

Guest blog written by @meritboms

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Days after 2nd semester was over, I decided to stay back at school for a few days and just decided to think. I was thinking of the steps to take to get where I desired. I left with that thought back home. Days passed,so did weeks I hadn’t done anything with my time or what I had thought about. There was just this feeling inside of me that sort of made me feel a little bit perturbed. I just couldn’t feel satisfied inside not material satisfaction, inner satisfaction like there’s a piece of me missing.

“Oh! It’s morning again”

I didn’t get excited to wake up, the next day,the next day and the next this went on. I couldn’t really explain it but I felt I needed to be grow myself, I felt I was more. I picked my pen up and started writing again.

This step led me to start a blog. I’m just going to re-ask it here
Are you satisfied with yourself? Are you acting like you’re satisfied when you’re not? Most importantly are you satisfying someone else’s expectations?

These are quite important questions that at some points you ask yourself “what I’m doing right now is it because I want to or I’m pressured by other people’s expectations to?” Am i living on the edge?

Satisfaction with yourself is when you don’t feel trapped nor suffocated within because your decisions and actions in your life is a replica of someone’s decisions and actions, rules and principles or expectations layed. I’m not saying rules aren’t important or principles are unnecessary infact rules and principles makes foundation for our living but it has to be the right ones ,the one’s that don’t disagree with you.

If you’re okay with what you’re doing right now, I mean like you’re job, you’re happy with it, you’re in a sound environment that motivates you to get out of bed…, Then this is not for you, this is just for people who want more, those who really want to work more and be more. No matter how hard it is put your dreams in a box and engage it because one day you will wake up and won’t get that feeling again because you ignored it and consciously let it wither. It’s just like a little flower crying to be watered.

Before I started writing again, I’ll always remember this statement,” don’t be a victim of circumstances you can’t control”.

I let that statement get to me so much I started questioning my spirit. I started to question myself. If I’m actually doing the right thing, if what I’m doing was good enough. Believe me I nearly stopped, just wanted to give up and not bother myself because I felt I would encounter circumstances I couldn’t control at some point. But you know what, I was tired. I was tired of being unexcited and unexpectant and if the circumstances I couldn’t control eventually came, I’ll just keep trying and pushing even if it’s for a 100times. I just couldn’t go back to the old me. So I guess what I’m trying to say is find something you want to do that gives you satisfaction so much that you don’t want to go back to the old you.

Get your satisfaction

You only get your satisfaction when you let your spirit choose what it wants you to do. I’ll try to break it so we can relate. Let me not really use parables. “You let your spirit choose what it wants” it’s really something you can do. You ask yourself what your passion is or what you can actually do that gives you motivation. What will give you motivation will be a cause of your elevation. Passion builds you up so much it affects your spirit. Now you’ve found it, how do you achieve it? You achieve it by making a plan. If you’re passion needs to be fueled by something or money, make 2 plans

Plan 1: How to get the fuel(money)

Plan 2: Fueling your passion

You’ll be glad you did. It won’t matter who supports you or who does not but if you’re satisfied with yourself and not acting like you are.

Satisfaction comes from finding and fueling your passion. It takes time to achieve or see results but it is worth it in the end.


I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I did whilst writing. Do leave a comment đź’“.

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