6 Writing Strategies For Bloggers On A Budget


Nearly every blogger has some issues with keeping their blog up and running. Any honest blogger knows that it can be exhausting. 

Not everyone (including me) don’t have much money to spend. 

You and I have only skills, talents, visions, passion because we are creative humans and our grounds is not money but how you deal with the weight of it.

When you rule and win over that weight, you will see a rise in creativity.

Every time you get a rise in knowledge, wisdom, and creativity, you need less money but more skills in budgeting.

Writing strategy aims to:

  1. Reader comfort.
  2. Tone.
  3. Low cost. 
  4. Online reach or influence.
  5. Background.
  6. Maintain. 
  7. Gain earnings.

Stick to your budget and protect your earnings. – Dropner Blog

Start with personal branding.

Hint 1: Build a vision. (5 to 10 years)

The vision sets a mental picture and the desired future state.

Usually, it provides inspiration and orientation on what the writer wants to have achieved in 5 to 10 years.

For example, tour my about page. Click here.

Hint 2: Have a mission. (working towards the vision)

A mission marks the right to exist, the scope of the NOW, and it is timeless.

The question is:

  • How are you going to reach that goal?
  • With what tools?
  • With what wisdom?

Through your mission, you show who you are, what you do, and what you want to obtain.

Hint 3: Be in charge of your content.

Showcase your offers simple and natural. Using well-arranged content causes stronger advantage points.

Supercharge your content in one go with guest blogging (that it’s loved and new), proper blogging, and social networking.

Note: be mindful of personal branding.

Hint 4: Bio writing and be creative with it.

Writing a bio is a forgotten writing technique that someone can quickly master.

When you suffer, a tough time coming with words to write for your bio.

Apply keywords and catchphrases that combine a flowing universal sentence.

  • Beef
  • Fuel
  • Rise
  • Fast 
  • Boost
  • Up
  • Down
  • Smart
  • Clear
  • Idea


More tips get my free PDF.

Hint 5: Earn through organized writing.

Apply business principles for your own and writing goals such as: do you need my help? Is there a need for my services?

Are you working in a favorable ambitious position? 

Adjust your writings to the needs of your reader and at last boost your sales with the accessible resources.

Hint 6: Support writing can increase the blog brand.

By supporting the content such as like, re-blog, follow, or leaving a comment, the blogger will like the response from you.

The more your comments are viewed, on that blog, the more awareness your blog generates. 

Advice: repeat the steps/hints 1-6 for a stable result.

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