5 Ideas To Limit Social Media And Avoid Being Digital Zombie

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Digital zombie

Nearly every person is addicted to their social media account.

That causes to compete with their friends to get more likes or shares.

One side is the fun and the social part, the other view is the exhaustion part.

The reason why ending social media is a good idea is because you gain your life focus back and much more.

My ideas, why you should end or limit social media!

1). Ending or limiting social media will get your stamina up.
2). Ending or limiting social media allows better focus on daily things.
3). Place the social media app in a folder (challenge yourself to do it and make it hard).
4). Daily active in social media robs your time in doing things.
5). Ending or limiting social media stimulates creative thinking and problem-solving mindset.

Watch the video from after-school.


Social media is the most influential invention on the internet.

By making the social media account and actively participating in it. Will cost you greatly.

You will drop:

  1. Stamina
  2. Focus
  3. Challenge (zombie life)
  4. Time
  5. Stimulations on creative thinking and problem-solving mindset.

By ending or limiting your social media usage, you will get what you have lost, back.

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Experience live and enjoy the things around you. No posting, No liking, Just living!