4 Practical Tips To Create Attention Grabbing Titles Readers Like.

Creating Blog Titles Your Love

Grab attention

Hello, friends much have been written about this issue.

All that knowledge is good to have a writer must know that many blogs are old.

As our blog changes, you have to know how to grab the attention of the reader.

I want to share the best tips for creating friendly titles.

1. The title must have keywords in it.
2. The title must have a well thought out concept.
3. The title must service the creative mind.
4. The title must be sharp, bright, and clear.

Creating headlines

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#1 The title must have keywords in it

Using the right keywords makes your blog title stands out from the crowd.

All search engines list most request words on top of the result pages.

Therefore you must think of placing some keywords into your title.

#2 The title must have a well thought out concept

The title must follow your point. Do not strive to pack up your heading with useless words.

Think about the end-user they must have a clear, and quick viewpoint in your story.

#3 The title must service the creative mind

Every title must have a usable side to it. By giving a helpful piece in your title grips the interest of the reader.

When I write my blog post, I always have the reader in mind. In other words, write to them.

#4 The title must be sharp, bright, and clear

Long titles don’t work well because of WordPress and search engine cuts long words of it looks that you have an uncomplete title that is hard to read.

  • Sharp means a brief title that covers your post.
  • Bright means a title that directs to the point.
  • Clear means a simple title, can reach out to others, and that associates.


Whenever we are busy with blogging, we often forget the importance of having a great title.

Most bloggers (including me) skip that vital step in blogging.

Having a great title starts at connecting the reader to your story.

Use my 4 tips in your title.

#1. Keywords.
#2. Concept.
#3. Serviceable and helpful.
#4. To the point.

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Great titles attract more visitors to you!