5 Tips To Create Headlines? Step-By-Step Plan


Why is creating an appealing headline important?

See it this way great headlines are the first, impressions of your blog or website.

After only 5 seconds, many readers have already created an impression of you because of the way you blog and your writings.

This means when the visual first impression is missing, you will need to work extra hard to get it.

A first impression can leave you with a firm contact with the reader before you even start your blog.

Building blog pages or webpages with a headline or slogan can help you profile to be more unique, and if you publish your blog, it can help you to communicate your message into the blogging community much better.

Make sure to treat every viewer you meet with respect even if it is not your target audience.

Watch and learn with this educational video about slogans.

How to create appealing headlines? Step-by-step plan

Creating headlines

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Step 1. Knowing your WordPress thumbnail image

When you finishing up your writing, then you need to insert images.

Upload images that matter and resize it to fit your screen to 100% or 110% zoom.

You can make a thumbnail image in powerpoint or photoshop.


Note: If you don’t know how to use design tools, then use bright images, don’t use vague images with weird pixels.

Step 2. Mini titles in your blog

Mini titles make your blog eye-catching and easy to digest.

That will grab the attention of the viewer.

Mini titles should be short and must spark the suggestion.

Step 3. Headlines should be capitalized

A headline should be written in capital letters throughout your blog or part capital.

The viewer can prepare their eyes and mind to join with your story.


Step 4. Headlines should be actual and informative

You should never seduce the viewer to read something that not links to them.

That trick can destroy your relationship in your blog community.

Such things are not being valued by any blogger, so please avoid that!

Step 5. Headlines should be neutral, objective, and subjective

This will create an open-minded view of the topic.

When you learn to know the reader, you must know that viewers are in various time zones, have a different mindset, or have a diverse location.

Watch the video to learn more about first impressions.


Writing headlines can spark new ideas or create relationships. Headlines are the first impressions of your text.

To make an appealing headline requires training, and that can be a hurdle.

Using my step-by-step plan can save you some obstacles. So you can focus on blogging.

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