Are You A Corona Blogger Or A Legit Blogger? 10 Staying Legit Blogging Tips

Hi, web friends where ever you are,

Don’t spread the Corona confusion, we are informed.

Every day we hear a high death loss through this illness, and we are bored with the lockdown and, we run to the internet to get insights.

And you want to inform others. STOP, and wait before you publish that. 

We are NOT living on an island, but we have full access to the internet, and we choose not to cover and spread the message about it.  

To be a legit blogger, you must have some lessons learned there are 10 blogging tips to be and stay a legit blogger for your readers.

Read them below.

#1. Don’t be part of the CORONA hype.

Corona’s illness has affected many blogger’s minds and turns them into a zombie that satisfies unhealthy thinking.

#2. Blogging is hard to learn.

Every blogger knows that content creating is a long road which, includes setbacks, also the payoff isn’t that great. Therefore stick to the core of blogging.

#3. Gain mindset.

Everyone (including me) are interested in gaining something better, so write to achieve.

#4. Result-oriented thinking.

When you are writing for results, you have to know the topic yourself. Below are some results ideas which you can like and improve or dislike and discard.


  1. Give proven ways.
  2. Give realistic results.
  3. Be you and stay real.
  4. Stick to the core.
  5. Be a mental winner.


  1. Do not overdo things.
  2. Don’t get ahead of things.
  3. Do not fantasize over an unrealistic offer or solutions.
  4. Do not sell out and copy the news.
  5. Do not suppress and limit yourself with not being original.

#5. Stick to the central core of blogging.

The essential of blogging is a whole lot of developing, including explaining concepts that must be plain to understand for others.

#6. Best practice charts.

Some bloggers actually read and check your blog. With that in mind, then display your content optimistic and fun.

#7. Cover life experience.

Life is not about blogging, your blog must cover some practical life tips.

#8. Cover new WordPress to social media tips.

Social networking is a sales tool you can use to your advantage. Every day new updates are flowing out the media machine, and not everyone knows them. Knowing them is not enough first, learn how to use it in WordPress.   

#9. Give development tips.

In my blog, I cover some tips that will achieve some form of winning and gaining strategies. I do my best to present great content for you.

In other words, you do the same with your blog to give your blog a fair chance to succeed, then you must develop some skills.

#10. Give food, travel, and healthy, logical tips.

Nothing in life is simple, to be safe and stay safe, also being healthy and feeling relaxed demands a logical and sensible approach.


You have to fight the CORONA mind to be a legit blogger. Not everything on the news about this sickness is proper content to write on. 

Many bloggers are notified about this topic, we don’t need the extra (fake) message about CORONA.

A legit blogger doesn’t go into the hype, and their blog post isn’t shaped by this illness.

Do not cover it and stick to your core.  

Note: for advice, go to your health department or your government and stay safe.

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