Proofread Checks For Your Next Blog Post | 5 Writing Skills Tips

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Meaning of proofreading

Proofreading means writing for maximum-result.

Developing effective writing is not easy, you have to invest a lot of time, energy and effort.

The key is knowing a bit of your audience and create a connection to your article.

Develop effective writing first before you publish. That is the basis of proofreading, so the reader can follow your story faster.

Before you publish, you might want to re-check your writing for tone, clarity, and correctness.

“Proofread is the art of correcting before publishing it.” – Dropner Blog

Below you find my 5 tips of proofreading and what to check for.

1) Clarity check

Your starting point is from scratch, from that point you can develop your creative writing.

But be sure whatever your writing about it must be clear.

Developing clarity writing is effective because your message that you want to deliver is easy for the reader to understand.

Which can lead to more interactions between you and the reader.

2) Simplicity check

Writing simply is one is the hardest thing to develop. Most bloggers make the mistake to write long unfamiliar sentences with words that are difficult to understand.

Avoid those words or sentences, focus on having space in your article then you will see the challenge the reader’s face.

What I do is writing a sentence and explaining it in one paragraph.

Writing mistakes that I made
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3) Proactive thinking check

Proactive thinking is thinking outside the box with the ability to motivate yourself or others.

Some people can be feeling stuck or have no more ideas. When your readers review your blog they can get inspired by your content.

A proactive mindset can improve your writing because you have to take your readers in mind.

4) Link-building check

When your readers review your blog, present your other content with links. Check your content for relevance to other content.

This can spark interested in your other content which can be led to new interactions. That’s why many content writers (me too) use this powerful technic.

5) Check for type-errors

Unfortunately, typos are still the most common mistakes made by bloggers. Luckily this mistake is easy to fix!

When you master it then this can be an essential tool to deliver a message.

Reminder: Correct them and be a blogging police.

Guarding your blog
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The reason why you have to re-check your writings is that you can correct mistakes and learn from it with the aim of increasing your future writing.

Proofread your writings can have a positive impact on your readers and yourself.

Developing good writing can deliver your message faster and with a maximum effect.

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