Simple Tricks To Mark Your Content For Business

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Content Writing Strategy

When you write your blog post, approach your content with a clear concept for yourself from the beginning to the end.

Ask yourself the question what is your goal and for who is it your writing for; at last which effect must it give?

Entertaining purpose, motivational purpose, increasing sales or better click-through rate.

Before posting a blog every blogger uses their own blog process. Mine is to distinguish every blog post.

Simple tricks to distinguish your content for business

  • Keep it simple trick

The way to grab the attention is to design your brand for simple understanding.

Simplicity and transparency that explain your business concept are easy to remember.

Most simple brand concepts consist of 3 elements.

  1. Logo: describes the idea in a graphic way.
  2. Head-title: describes the name, this is font and text-based.
  3. Subtitle: describes what your business does.


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  • Colors trick

Present your business in a fun way by adding colors. That allows visual recognition so the customers connect their thought process to your business.

The customer can quickly relate your product or service that can create a returning effect.

  • Social media trick

Suitable for creating business campaigns that will enhance user engagement further.

We can’t deny the power of social media but be smart with it because they collect privacy data in the process.

If you like to keep your privacy don’t put unnecessary stuff online.

  • Link-building & interlinking ending style trick

Max out your reach, by creating links that relate to your business, that can spark the interest.

Interlinks are the link at the end it’s a quick list for customers to see your other amazing ideas or offers.


Many business owners use simple tricks to distinguish. They start with a clear concept and then follow the branding process and slowly adding more.

The same strategy and process can also be applied for content writing and blogging.

Be clever and mark your business with simplicity.

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