5 Ideas How Cross Marketing Can Double The Search Traffic To Your Blog

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Interested in hitting into a mixed market? How about diving first into various markets? It might appear tough, but businesses do it all the time. It’s called a cross-marketing. And accept it or not, it’s really one of the most useful ways to grow your following.

What is cross-marketing? 

It’s a marketing tactic for increasing the reach of your brand or product. In other words, it unites you with possible customers with other marketing methods. 

This is done through collaboration, where you’re cross-market with other businesses.

Any marketer needs levels to cross-communicate their brand to a large crowd to be able to succeed in the future.

There is more to cross-marketing.

Cross-marketing can also be something as easy as promoting your offers on a new online platform. 

It’s just about trying out into new territories. 

Ready to learn more?

There are 5 essential methods to boost your traffic with cross-marketing.  

  1. Online collaborations.
  2. BIO writing.
  3. Copywriting.
  4. Guest blogging.
  5. Brightness with your goals, offers, or about me page.

1. Online collaborations.

If you are trying to increase your blog traffic, then you need to invest your efforts in working with others in your niche.

Start small but think BIG, in other words, think of the results and new opportunities. One of the biggest perks is to offer your stuff to a large-scale audience.

Once you got more engagement with collaborations, you will see a rise in traffic.

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2. BIO writing.

Do you know what that is? It is a short reflection of what your offer is including your solution. Under or on the side of your social media profile.

What you must do when you write a bio:


  1. 1 or 2 links to your business and blog.
  2. Your email.
  3. Explain in short what you do and why you do it.

Example of my Pinterest Bio

3. Copywriting.

Do you know what copywriting means? Do not get misled by the word when you go in dept mode. Copywriting means what you write must reflect and resonate with your blog or business.

Other visitors then have a good idea of ​​you and your work.

4. Guest blogging.

Guest blogging is still a source of increasing the SEO of the blog or website. 

In my opinion, then is guest blogging a stable factor in building up the search traffic.

Do you want to guest blog? → Contact me.

5. Brightness with your goals, offers, or about me page.

Whatever your goal or target is, write it down for the reader so they can see what you mean and compare it in one blink of an eye.

You’re “about me” page must be bright and clear to people who want to read it. What you should do when you write an about me page.


  1. Age.
  2. Working area.
  3. Personal ideas.
  4. Why do you blog or do business?
  5. Blog or website mission and vision.
  6. Your blog or business core values.

If you want to read mine about page. → Go here.


Increasing the search traffic to your blog or website can be challenging. When you stick to the basic ideas of cross-marketing, you can double and boost traffic. 

This is a budget-friendly way to market the downside of this marketing method is that it takes a while.

So be patient and don’t expect results instantly.  

When you don’t know where to start, begin with my 5 cross-marketing ideas.

  1. Online collaborations.
  2. BIO writing.
  3. Copywriting.
  4. Guest blogging.
  5. Brightness with your goals, offers, or about me page.

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