11 Blogging Mistakes Which You Must Stop Immediately | My 11 Blog Mistakes

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Do not ignore mistakes

Creating new content for the reader/user can be challenging because you have to maintain that. When it comes down to blogging, then there is no difference in it.

Unfortanly shallow mistakes can ruin your blog. It doesn’t matter how or when you make mistakes, but when you choose to ignore them and leave them in your blog.

Then you will experience the blog damage done by your own choosing and the lack of correcting efforts.

Recognize mistakes and know the damaging results.

There are roughly 11 foundational mistakes that can damage your writings. The key is to recognize them and correct them, also learning why it is a mistake.  

Some mistakes have a negative influence on your audience. Broken links and content that do not match, the reader can get frustrated by it.

Some content or writing style is boring, mainly old-fashioned words. It can be that your editing skills need to be updated to a new and modern one.

Below are the mistakes which I made.

  1. Not knowing the topic.
  2. Stack up words.
  3. Writing to long.
  4. Not putting the reader first.
  5. Unfamiliar words.
  6. Not connecting the dods.
  7. Topics that not relate to my niche.
  8. Not re-checking links for errors.
  9. 100% copy text.
  10. No confidence.
  11. Not covering real-life topics.

Those simple mistakes can stop the: 

  • Likeability 
  • Confuses the reader/user
  • Slow followers count
  • Slow or no profit
  • Lessen the creative writing part of content creation

How to stop

To stop making the same mistakes over and over again. You have to go back to the blog post and do not be afraid to point it out and learn from it.

You can also ask a fellow blogger to proofread your writings or ask in the comments or via mail to check the links.

Furthermore, being a guest blogger or a permanent freelancer can sharpen your content writing skills.

The abovementioned methods are simple and easy for your writing development.

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Writing with zero errors is not always achievable. Focus, learning, and developing in good writing can be done.

Having solid writing can be done when you begin to spot, re-check, and address the mistake. 

If you don’t know where to start, then use my 11 mistakes. Do you have some tips? Let me know.

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