Why You Should Never Limit Yourself While Blogging | Deleting Blog Myths

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What are myths?    

Myths are a mental fairytale story or a wrong concept and image of reality.

They are the obstacles, pitfalls, fables, and stumbling blocks that take place in our subconscious mind, and that can stop you from blogging successfully.

No proof

There are many stories written on that subject. The truth is that not everything is right because there is no proof.

  • Some stories are just around to scare you and to stop or limit you in your tracks. 
  • Some stories are just old.

It is time to create order in the chaos and remove the myths.

1). Bear and motivate why you do something.

Know what you do and say by telling to give others the truth and give others advice to send them in the right direction.

2). Make more mindful choices in your life.

Think about what makes you level up your mental life then get it.

Example: exercise, lose weight, bright works, for all these things you have to learn the topic. 

You can learn more by following positive bloggers. 

Need more tips? → Go to the art of blogging.

3). Realize what the consequences are on time.

Don’t just blog because you want to! Every phrase, word, letter, and numbers have a meaning to it, so learn the words.

4). Criticize your slips.

Everybody makes blogging slips when you learn from it, you develop and grow. 

When you grow yourself, you will be a better blogger.

5). Make a (mental) list of your stuff.

When you list or bookmark the stuff that allows you to blog faster, smoother, then there is no need to read or research the fairytales.

The fairytales are just hard to read, follow, and complex text, in the end, you get confused.


When studying blogging ideas, you have to know that there are a lot of blogging myths.

Blogging myths are fairytales about stuff without proof. That means that those complex stories only exist in the mind who believes.

Deleting blog myths can be done with my five tips those are:

1). Bear and motivate why you do something.

2). Make more mindful choices in your life.

3). Realize what the consequences are on time.

4). Criticize your slips.

5). Make a (mental) list of your fears.

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