How To Be Ready For Success.

Written by Dropner Graphic Explainer

Hello bloggers,

Each blogger or writer wants their work to be successful. You have the right to be that.

Becoming a champion to win blog prizes demands training for success.

Before you run, you have to be aware of the blog pitfalls and struggles that all bloggers knows. 

The prizes are, not just getting paid, it’s how to get breakthroughs, new idea’s of growing, and having a good reputation. 

Blogging is a long road and the earnings are low, the best thing what you can do is to prepare for it. Dropner Blog.

There are 6 pionts a blogger must have to become a succesful blogger.

  1. Food.
  2. Know-How.
  3. Catch and follow up.
  4. Your skills.
  5. Development.
  6. Newsletters.

Blog tactics

When it comes down to blogging it is best to have a tactic or a game plan for your blog.

Having blog hours and divide it in days, hours, or open and closing times can free your creativity efforts.

My blog days and hours are listed below. (I wake up early)

8:00 am – 2:00 pm
8:00 am – 2:00 pm
8:00 am – 2:00 pm
8:00 am – 2:00 pm
8:00 am – 1:00 pm

Do you need more insights about times? Click this.

Hello friends and new followers,

  1. Food
  2. Know-How
  3. Catch and follow up
  4. Your skills
  5. Development
  6. Newsletters

1. Food.

Eating has a positive and negative side to it. When you think of it, it is both mental and physical well being. Some foods will help you produce better in your journey. Most unhealthy foods will damage your insides.

Let us review this:

  • There are healthful and lightly digestible foods that will help you to stay healthy & keep producing results. 
  • Unhealthy and heavy on the stomach foods will stop you in getting results. You feel sick and cannot think straight to research something.

2. Know-how. 

Getting your facts straight will help you help others to point them in the right direction. Writing with insights will help you produce well-organized content.

That is why other bloggers get more deals, likes, boost their followers count, or be a leader.

3. Catch and follow up.

Follow up is a business concept the general, word is interaction and reaching people. To create reliable and trustworthy content, most bloggers use some tactic I organized an infographic for you so you can see what your content needs.

Also, it helps you to future proof content and to be a thriving writer.

infographic impact of videos and joy
Infographic to impact content. Get more free stuff for your online project 👉 here.


4. Your skills.

As you know that blogging while creating a business is a long road with many pitfalls. There are some skills you must have or busy with developing them.

I struggled for many years with communicating simple and easy. I was used to thinking and speak in complex with unfamiliar words. Because I thought that made me smart, but it made me stupid and dull.

What skill and traits you need to be successful:

  • Teamwork skill.
  • Persistence skill.
  • Empathy skill.
  • Sympathy skill.
  • Commitment to winning.
  • Analytical ability.
  • Result-oriented thinking.
  • Concentration and open-minded.
  • Helpfulness to others.

This list goes on you, are never too late to learn something new.

5. Development. 

Development is your motivation in why do you want to create content. There are some things you must develop, and it takes time.

Do not develop:

  • Easy money solutions.
  • No brain solutions.
  • No proof solutions.
  • No winning solutions.

To develop:

  • Problem-solving solutions.
  • Budget-friendly solutions.
  • Sales solutions.
  • Life solutions.
  • Writing solutions.
  • Modern and new solutions.

Whatever the case may be, the main idea is to solve problems that can help others, so write smart, developing, and create content that helps others grow. 

I do it with fun and enjoyable animations.

6. Newsletters.

If you are looking to grow and create a community around your blog, then a newsletter or a subscription form can help you to campaign your content. And to get your content deliverd to the subscriber.

Mailchimp setup (only if you have a Mailchimp account)
Subsriptions via Jetpack (free WordPress plugin | only if you host your with WordPress)

What do you think of it? Did you love to read this? 

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Thank you.

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