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Be unique

It’s essentials to have a unique design when you get stuff online.

The reason why is that the user scans for known markers, so the user quickly connects.

Also, your target audience feels that they are understood that can improve your trustworthiness.

Blog design depends on 6 building blocks.

  1. Attract
  2. User-friendly
  3. Ux-design
  4. Balance
  5. Colors
  6. Shareable

1). Attract

Attracting readers should be the whole idea of designing. The reason that is not is that designing is more of a multi-part task.

Grabbing the attention of the reader is priceless when it comes to designing and blogging.

Do you want to know more about attracting and designing?

Check out my infographic.👇

infographic impact of videos and joy
Infographic to impact content. | Click the image to view

2). User-friendly

Every reader checks for usability items that they already know from visiting other websites. You can look all day and don’t see the difference in a wrong or a great design.

What does it take to make a great design?

The answer is that the user must be valued and see it’s excellence through outstanding navigation and layout.

3). Ux-design

Ux means, user experience this includes the emotion, education level, language, and psychology of the target audience.

With those parts, the designer can create a template which is friendly for the old and the new user.

The goal is to distinguish yourself from other websites and boost the click-through rate.

4). Balance

To have balance in your blog design means leaving a white space. So you readers can relax as they wish to continue.

Leaving an empty space allows:

  • Pausing the eye.
  • Resting the brains.
  • Peace of mind.

So your blog stands out more from the crowd.

5). Colors

This building block is for most bloggers a challenge because of the many sides and influences colors have.

Colors mixed wrong provokes someone to rage other colors make others feel satisfied.

If you learn the meaning and the impact colors have you think twice when you design.

Do you want to know more about the meaning of colors? → Impact Your Blog Post With Colors

6). Shareable

Having great looking designs can have a positive result for your blog post.

The content image can quickly be shared on social media, and that makes the content image far more valuable than your rivals.

  • Campaign your content with design and animations can help you getting the right results.
  • It is possible to create a community around your blog.
  • You can reach a browder crowd.
  • You can place content in the right market. And it’s fun to watch.

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Designing comes with a lot of creativity skills. Even when you rule your creative skills, it can still be a challenge, because your rivals also know designing principles.

Large multinationals use this tactic to be noticed, we can do the same but on a smaller range.

So get smart with designing and apply the same building blocks of design into your blog design.

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