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I don’t have Instagram, read why!

Hello bloggers,

As we move towards the next blog post, you must attach your Instagram page to your blog.

In that way, your social media plan is active on your blog. More people can find you there, and it is an SEO method every digital marketer and a content creator must rule.

Before we proceed, view my infographic about this matter.

There are 10 ideas to use Instagram for your blog.

  1. Enter new markets and reach a large crowd.
  2. Instagram looks great on your blog and is a tool to pitch your works.
  3. Adding or referring to your Instagram will help you gain new followers.
  4. Showcase your Instagram works with your WordPress followers to grow in followers count.
  5. Instagram increases the UI and UX of your blog. (User Interface and Experience)
  6. Sync up your Instagram page can make you likable and can cause engagement.
  7. Promote and present your offers or your works for cheap to a large crowd.
  8. Displaying your Instagram page can beef up the SEO and PageRank of the blog post.
  9. Instagram done right can help you earn something while blogging.
  10. Instagram can deliver much traffic to that blog post where you feature Instagram.


These are one of the best ideas to add Instagram to your blog post, of course, there are many technical and commercial ways which you can use it for.

Instagram is a growing mobile internet company, and it has many developing ways that can benefit your works.

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