12 Explaining Tactics For Your Blog

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For some bloggers, it is difficult to explain a concept to a large crowd. Some ideas are outdated with unfamiliar words, which can lead to confusion in your conversations.

Lucky for you when your reading and sharing this blog post because these insights can change your approach in online communications.

There are roughly 12 explaining tactics that you can use and try.

1. Explainer video concept.

This explanation style is well known, and it uses the power of visuals to highlight the best part of your business. And you get a chance to get your message out to a large crowd.

Below is my explainer video and, I work on some new explainer stories.

2. Video concept.

Video can help you engagingly explain concepts. With this style, your audience gets a better understanding of what you point out and can pause it and reply if needed.

3. GIFs animation concept.

If you are familiar with GIFs, then you know what the impact is. Gifs are a looped based short video that use to explain and campaign brands, logos, or sales.

Good Gifs targets human mood, well being, expressions, and emotions. 

blog promotions
Promoting my blog offers!

4. Logo and design explainer concept.

With a good slogan, you can reach far. A logo and design help you carry and deliver your message to your audience.

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For example, Google search this syncs with their users.

5. Color explaining concepts.

Do you know that some colors have meaning? 

  • Bright colors mean upright, tempo, fun, new, yes, inspiration.

While dark color has more of 

  • Informative, educational, analytical, and technical nature.

6. Infographics.

This style uses the power of storytelling and leads the attention to foundational steps.

Below are some of my favorite infographics.

The process of getting content
The process of getting content | go to blog post.
infographic impact of videos and joy
Infographic to impact content.

7. Sliders.

Showcase and display your content in an interactive way, causes higher viewers amount for your content. 

You can best see the slider in your browser. 👉 Click on this.

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8. Poster/flyer.

With a poster, you can highlight and deliver your stuff quickly. With no way of interaction, you must be simple and straightforward. 

9. Business card.

Business cards are a way to present your business personally. The business card is transferred from hand to hand and must be clear for a good first impression.

10. Photo collage.

A photo collage is to motivate, inspire, and tell a story. With the use of photo apps such as Instagram, it can have a whole lot of influence.

11. Calendar concept.

Did you know that you can create and design a calendar on Canva.com? You can highlight and point out important future days.

Use this as a way to explain upcoming events.

12. Presentation concepts.

A presentation is a well-organized approach that you have to offer. Your audience can sit back and relax as you lead, educate, and explaining stuff.

  • There you have the best explaining tactics, so what do you think of it? Did I forget any? Leave a comment and share your tip. 

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