Why You Should Frame And Center Your WordPress Blog Banner

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Weak image results.

Sadly I have to point out that the image on most blogs is weak, boring, and childish. I understand there are millions of content creators that publish stuff online. So your image must be the spot to stand out from the crowd.

Most of the published content does not mirror the text. In this way, the user feels to figure out too much. Before you know what is going on and if you do not fix the issue, you continue in your own mistake and lead others in the same error. 

Blog covers that connect.

A few years ago, I used to create blog covers that do not mirror the text. In the end, I had the wrong results, and my blog was in a downward spiral. For some time, I did not have a clue how to fix it. I nearly quit blogging forever, and I thought wrong about blogging.

What I did is look at my rivals and the market that gave me the inspiration to wireframe, center text, and design. 

This writing and designing style connects most of the reader/viewer.

In the west, we read from left to right.

When we do struggle, bloggers do not stick to the facts and do unuseful things to get results. It is not thinking in the box, but it is responding to the demands of the changing market and adapting until it is in your favor.

The key to content writing is to support the reader/viewer. So I advise you to be a feasible and functional writer. With this, you have more affinity and bond with your blog community. 

Framing and center your content.

  1. Our human eye targets on the center point of a message.
  2. The brain process this message in language.
  3. Responding to the message motivates, inspirer, to click, contact, follow, like, reblog, buy, shop, or visit.

You can work and produce faster content, and it is easier to raise awareness when you know this. 

A great way to start is by using Canva.com to sign up for a free account and get started – visit, and get it. Although the free version is limited, it is possible to create beautiful blog covers. 

Hire a designer to do the job.

When you have design skills, you can change the look and feel and convey a stunning design that matches your target audience.

If you struggle to design and it cost you a whole lot of time creating a good-looking design that does not match your target audience. You are wasting time figuring out the design process. If this is the case, you might want to switch your tactic and consider hiring a designer.

The benefit of adding a designer to your business is that they can help and give advice on how to streamline a business concept and translate it into web graphics.

  1. Before you hire a designer, check their prices. (This must be affordable for you!👌).
  2. Check whether there are enough design skills and enough creative possession.
  3. HD 👉 High Defenition web designs are a vital part of designing this makes the layout attractive. 

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