Donald Trump Has Corona (Good For Him!)

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People told you, but Donald Trump doesn’t listen.

Whenever political people talk to Trump, he has a bad habit to go against anything reason and logic.

He puts everything on fake news, and that is of no use to anyone.

For a leader of a country, you also expect something of sensibility. 

Especially in times of deep crisis, the reason many countries are at rock bottom is because of the lack of knowledge, courage, cooperation, and much more.

Most leaders are selfish, non-tactical, and very inept.

Mad Donald Trump doesn’t get it.

The last presidential debate was a disaster. I am not going to bore you with political viewpoints because politics with the endless debate is just too boring to follow.

Of course, politics is a shallow and dull subject, but it is useful to know what is happening around you that has consequences for you and your fellow man through wrong choices, wrong judgment, bad and outdated insights.

  • Blown up and angry Donald Trump = immoral leadership.
  • Donald Trump has to learn corona the hard way.

He got COVID-19 lessons learned.

He has innocent deaths on his conscience, so he must experience the pain so that he changes from his angry thoughts.

And address the people wisely and reasonably.


Politics nowadays is like a big comedy and kids show. You don’t have to go in their endless debate, but it is vital to know what government people say and what they are capable of.

So you can make smarter choiches and learn from past mistakes to avoid them in the futher.

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