Thank You For Reaching This Milestone. (600+ Followers)

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Hello friends and new followers,

Thank You, To All 600+ Followers.

It doesn’t seem much, and we all know that some bloggers have more followers.

When I analyze my growth every year, then I get excited because I was stuck for many years on the blog island. Getting unstuck demanded learning. And nobody liked my blog post, and then I got 0% of followers.

When I learned some new writing things, helped me reach a bigger followers count.

My worst time, I thought I know it all.

The mistake I made is to write and do not involve the reader. I didn’t include basic SEO and keyword search words. You don’t have to know all the latest SEO advice, and SEO can be too complex to figure it all out.

I let that go and feel better that day and today. After letting that go, the follower’s count starts growing.

I got several nominations and comments that boosted the search traffic. 

So I created a community around my blog and learned to give thanks to you because:

  • You nominated me.
  • You liked my content. 
  • You are following me on social media.
  • You are a follower of dropner blog.
  • You are awesome.

That’s why I want to thank you!

Do you want to help me grow the blog? Then you should follow me.

Did you love to read this? 

Leave a comment if you agree, like it, or share this with your friends. 

Did I forget anything?

Let me know in the comment.


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