Know The Search Signs | SEO Tips For The None Techy Blogger

Hi bloggers,

The days of just content creating and hope that someday you get a lot of hits are over.

Nowadays, search engines have adjusted the way searching and browsing go with complex rules and systems. 

Google search has many online products to keep users tied to their merchandise.

It is a fact that many bloggers have a hard time getting found in search engines. The most popular search engine is Google, and content is marked with their PageRank system and their Google bot search crawler/spider.

Search signs for your blog.

Luckily you don’t have to be technical about SEO, but you have to know a bit about it. Search engines rely upon keywords and metatags, a tag or metatag.

A tag is a short description of the page you are on in a few words. 

Use SERP (Search Engine Result Page) to help you write better results for your blog page. 

So you have to think twice before you create content because a bad one can damage your page.

The bad ones are long and have many words in them.

Bad ones are not defined enough to rank.

Bad ones are tags or metatags that have no keywords.

Bad ones are difficult to read.

Bad ones are unclear for the organic search.

Bad ones are not original and have no smooth-flowing words.

Bad ones are words that have no catchwords in them.

Bad ones are words that do not inspire.

Bad ones are words that harm others.

Bad ones are words that have no meaning.

Bad ones are words that the users and browsers don’t get.

Bad ones are phrases with too many keywords.

I have created the signs in an infographic check it out.

Do you want to use this infographic in your blog? → Go here.


Being found in the search engine of Google takes a lot of time. Google has complex ways for it, such as PageRank, Crawler bots, tags, and the list goes on.

Lucky for us, you don’t have to be a technical SEO expert for the organic search.

Organic search relies upon keywords and tags and metatags. That is what a blogger must rule.

Using my tips can help you with your rankings. 

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