5 Useful Tips To Help Bloggers

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Hello friends and new followers,

You are not blogging on an island.

Every blogger is busy with their life. Our lives choices are uncertain sometimes, and we don’t know the future.

Sometimes we feel stuck with blogging, and that sucks.

From time to time, we need some motivations, inspirations, or insights that will keep us going.

There are five tips you can do to help others.

  1. Give awards.
  2. Nominate your followers.
  3. Positive comments and feedback.
  4. Go and accept guest bloggers.
  5. Be nice.

1. Give awards.

When you give awards, it means that you appreciate the blogger. It is a way to say keep going, and that is set – as moral support.

When you give awards, you don’t have to know the person behind the blog. Answering your questions gives you a clear perception of the blogger. 

2. Nominate your followers.

When I get awards, the rule is that I pass that to the (active) followers of your blog.

What some people do is that they wait to get nominated, but that is just a waiting game, and that is never going to work.

Tips to get nominated: 

  • Organize your content.
  • Useful content.
  • Make your content easy to understand.
  • Search Engine friendly titles.
  • Add targeted blog covers (try Canva).

3. Positive comments and feedback.

The feedback that supports the bloggers’ next blog post will help in giving directions. You can point with links to the right pages that can save you not needed and very time-consuming content research.

In the long run, that helps the CTR (click-through rate) for your blog and PageRank. In some of my blog posts, I link and point things out using Call To Actions buttons or Microsoft Windows 10 emoticons.

4. Go and accept guest bloggers.

By accepting guest bloggers to your site, it is like you help them reach new (niche) markets or industries. Guest blogging can help commercialize offers and can generate traffic.

To be, real guest blogging can take several years before someone click the links. Also, guest blogging is a learning path that you must master. What helps is getting to know the blog owner before writing a guest blog- you can scroll through their about page or follow them on social media.

5. Be nice.

Use global words in your writings that tie and relates to your readers. If you use market-related words that can help and mention how your skills and talents solve problems, do not forget to offer solutions.  

In my YouTube video, you see what I can do to help others.👇

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