Top 5 Tips To Build A Brand Around Your Blog

Forming a brand

Hi blogger,

Forming a brand for your blog costs a lot of time. Hence it is useful to know that some bloggers can identify and launch a brand. Those bloggers can point others in the right direction.

As you know that a brand is vital to have because others can identify and move to the content you published.

There are 5 branding rules you must own as a blogger.

  1. Have a slogan.
  2. Have a sharp goal.
  3. Make sure you can help.
  4. Be ready to offer answers.
  5. Add joy and inspiration to the blogging community.

Let us examine those branding ways.

1. Have a slogan.

One of the best things you can do is to have a slogan that explains the center’s actions of your blog.

For example, you can read on my about me page that I’m a (content) graphic designer. So you can expect a lot of design works when you continue reading you see that I’m an explainer too.

Whatever the case may be, a slogan should resonate with the center’s activities.

2. Have a sharp goal.

Any brand must have a goal to aim for, the reason is that it creates trust and reliance around your blog. 

Also, others can review your blog fast, and you look like a boss doing it.

Adding a goal with your blog brand builds clarity. Creating clarity in your blog brand starts with the below points.

  • Know your niche.
  • Know your target audience.
  • Know your readers a little bit.
  • Visit and tour the blog competition. 

3. Make sure you can help.

It’s vital to have a problem-solving blog in that way you can offer solutions to others. 

In that way, you set yourself in a ready-to-earn situation. 

Content creation, learning, and developing is the key to progress.

Note: It’s not about the money but organically content growth.

4. Be ready to offer answers.

The offer is a part of the brand when a reader joins your blog community and wants to hire you as a freelance content writer.

Then you must know what the best practice, low cost, and less time-consuming forms are. 

In that way, you can make others feel that you are the dollars worth spending.

5. Add joy and inspiration to the blogging community.

Now it’s time to focus on the creative part with your community. Many bloggers feel that they are lost. You should know that laughter or inspirational stories is one of the best cures for writer’s block.

Bloggers can pull a whole lot of content ideas when you add joy or inspiration.

  • You can add funny GIFs.
  • Embed funny YouTube videos.
  • Quotes within your niche.
  • Internet memes with comedy and humor.

Personally, I make and design those things myself. Below you see that I have made my own branding and added my own audio that resonates with the animations.

Watch like and subscribe.


When you decide to add a blog brand and share it with your blog community. Then you must know what a brand is and what you need to improve.

Before you create a brand for your blog, then you must know a little bit about your target audience also things about your niche.

If you are ready to start a brand, then use my 5 tips, those are:

  1. Have a slogan.
  2. Have a sharp goal.
  3. Make sure you can help.
  4. Be ready to offer answers.
  5. Add joy and inspiration to the blogging community.

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