How To Create A Point Of Purchase Around Your WordPress Site

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Do you know how to create a point of purchase? Do you know what that is? To give you a short explanation, you can see it as a pause point where the buyer can reflect and decide to purchase. If you want to sell and earn something, then you must provide many relevant points of purchase. It’s vital to add those points to gain new customers/buyers.

Your works.

It is easy to add pages to a WordPress site, but the most important one = a portfolio or your work page. That allows a potential customer to get an idea of what you do. Also, that can provide an example to others, so they decide to outsource projects to you.

Example of a point of purchase in video.

Add contact details (email).

To make it even easier for others, give your legit email as a way to connect with you. It can be that your customers see the opportunity and want to ask you questions about how your service can support them. Actually, your email and phone number are the primary points of purchase.

Example of a point of purchase with location point (skip around 28 sec)
My playlist with point of purchase.

Add social media.

Adding your social media channel can help you to create an environment of people with the same interest. Some people want to see your media pages first and then your site. If you have YouTube, you can link your sites, and it’s displayed in the banner image on the right. If you have Pinterest, you must claim your site, so your pin analytics tie-up with WordPress. 


If you want to make sales and earn money, then you have to master business and sales. Customers go through a series of steps to become a buyer. The buyer’s process is something we can’t control. Many sales funnels claim to guide sales. In fact, you have to create a point of purchase that allows customers to review and decide if they want to buy. You can help them by adding 3 things to your WordPress site and social media channels.

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