4 Likable Tips To Hang On: For Starting Bloggers

If you’re just starting out and want to know how to get followers on your blog or how to increase your blog likes.

The most used online pointers to grow your likeability or followers count is having a community of people who liked your niche and, more importantly, your blogs.

I’ll break down the tried and true tactics that have worked for me.

  1. Great title.
  2. Imagery and thumbnails.
  3. Guest blog and partnership.
  4. Create viral content.

1). Great title

With great attention-grabbing titles, you will start your blog the right way.

A reader takes 2-3 seconds to decide if they like your content or follow your work.

Help your reader’s decisions process why they must follow, or like you. By having relevant titles, topics, and phrases that stretch out to your readers. You can also make great headlines using blog title generators.

2). Imagery and thumbnails

Using images that clearly catch the content message is a good thing.

The reason is that it helps the reader’s decision process. Not every reader read your or my entire blog post.

When it comes down to getting more views than you cannot overdo your blog with pictures.

That creates a chaotic look and no related thumbnails in return that will drop the click-through rate.

3). Guest blog and partnership

You already know the benefits of guest blogging or joining a blog partnership.

Links are still needed for the SEO of a website, the very best link-building strategy is not aimed at getting backlinks.

You must create the best content so that others will share your content without asking.

Of course, you can give it a helping hand by letting others know that you have created excellent content.

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4). Create viral content.

On my most popular blog page, I share bright videos and relatable content.

Readers can share your blog post, which normally helps to build social media engagement, furthermore, it helps to increase social reach.

If you don’t have the artistic chops to create your own viral content, you can always share viral content with your audience.

Do not forget to credit the content creator. In my video, I will show sales viewpoints of the products and present them to their customers.

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To have more likes, views, or followers depends on how you present your blog to your audience.

There are 4 pointers that every skilled or rookie blogger needs to hang on to.

  1. Great title.
  2. Imagery and thumbnail.
  3. Guest blog and partnership.
  4. Create viral content.

Do you find this blog useful? If you agree to the 4 tips leave a comment.

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