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4 Best Tips for Growing Your Audience On Social Media

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4 Best Tips for Growing Your Audience On Social Media

4 Best Tips for Growing

One of the best ways to grow an audience is through social media.

You can get better engagement through conversation and video to help you tap into your core demographic.

Not to mention, you can be more creative with how you present your products.

Here are the 4 best tips for growing your audience on social media.

Know What Social Networks Work Best

Before you get acquainted with a social media profile, think about what can give you the best viewership.  You might want to take a course from learning fuze to help you decide what would be the best place to take action.

If you have an older demographic that likes to keep the conversation going, you might want to think about getting on Twitter or Facebook. You want to cater your brand to the middle-aged demographic because they’re more active on these sites.

If you have more dynamic content, Instagram would be the way to go. Test these sites to help you find out what gets your brand the most attention and how people interact with your content.

Understand Your Audience

If you have a product that caters to a youthful audience, you need to appeal to their senses. You have to get more creative to capture their attention because they’re focused on other things on their phones. While written content is imperative, you need to create more visuals.

If you’re doing a podcast, have some video to get your audience’s eyes on you. Break it up into snippets of a few minutes of the most dynamic sections. Younger people have more attention when you get to the highlights.

Also, create viral content that people want to share, such as a funny meme, a story, or something with an interesting hashtag. Let’s say you have a plant-based food company. You wouldn’t get anywhere posting something with meat or heavy gluten.

Always know your core audience to help you grow a better social media presence.

Engage With Questions

Whether you write a question on your post or create polls, it’s a reliable way to get a read on your audience. Maybe you have a new product you’re promoting and need feedback on it. Your audience tends to be more honest with you because they trust your brand. Increase views on Instagram with Highlight Covers from Canva

When you have a poll, people love to chime in and give their opinion. It’s another way to show that you care about the customer’s experience.

Also, you can write a story on your Instagram to get immediate feedback.

Create Contests

There’s nothing like a good contest to have fun and give people incentives to support your brand. It might be answering a question or tagging people to the brand, and you choose a few winners. You can give them a gift card, a free product package, or something else that comes to mind.

It’s a winning situation because you draw in traffic and can get potential leads that want to purchase your product in the long run.

Create your social media audience by finding common ground between your content and what your target visitors enjoy.

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