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Design framework

As the internet grows and changes, you will see the switch in online imagery.

That means identifying of content is dependent on fitting, attractive, and helpful looking thumbnail images.

The design frame that almost all designer handle is. There are 4 prime trends you need to check out.

  1. Thumbnail making.
  2. Visualization and arts.
  3. Colors.
  4. Layout Tricks.

Let’s dip into the topic.

1). Thumbnail making.

A thumbnail is the first thing a user sees. Attractive looking thumbnails has more influence than a not existing one.

Also, an attractive looking thumbnail has a better chance to boost the click-through rate of your blog or website.

Having a thumbnail setup that represents your stuff, allows the opportunity to get more engagement and social shares.

2). Visualization and arts.

With a creative mindset, you can create art from blank.

Visualization is a gateway in creativity, that means whatever you can think of you can create it through the creative mind.

Furthermore, blending several design ways can strengthen your entire blog or website.

Plan your designs in the right form from the start that can save you time and needless slips.

3). Colors.

Colors can be a challenge because when you overload it, you fail miserably.

Colors have meaning and purpose some colors work better in some countries other colors work better in population groups.

You can spend hours finding the perfect color, and at the end, you finish up confused.

It’s not only finding colors that match but mixing the right colors that are best agreed with your target group.

Learn more about the meaning of colors → Meaning of colors.

Solution: Check your rivals in your market.

4). Layout Tricks.

When a visitor sees your blog or website, the guest scans your layout.

They examine whether if it’s worth it to try and if it makes logical sense.

Because the guest is used to a well organized and smooth flowing layout.

Therefore design for the potential user, visitor, and guest also, retain the users.

See it this way: Your layout is the first online impression of your blog or website, so do your best.


The designing framework follows the main trending topics. Designers have shortened it in 4 topics.

Those 4 is the trend for years to come.

Through knowing what is becoming popular, you can take the pick to develop in graphics or work together with a graphic artist.

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