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4 Fundamentals To Build A Story!

Fundamentals To Build A Story

Hello friends,

The fundamentals to build a story.

Many bloggers face the same problem when they write blog posts. There is no exception for me I struggled with the fact that my writing was terrible. Also, I had no real base storyline so I wrote content for no reason. I was thinking that my writing was rock solid and that I was acting smart with long words.

With some great advice on public relations at Hubspot. I was learning to create a story. Besides learning public relations, I had to add presenting content to it. So I discovered four fundamentals to create a story.

You can cut a storyline into 4 main parts:

  1. Blog cover.
  2. Start.
  3. Middle.
  4. Ending.

Let us explore.

1. Blog cover.

The first thing readers see is your blog cover and if that matches or tie-up with your content as a whole.

Wrong covers can mislead or confuse the reader when you want to make an impression on your readers, then you must treat it as a starting success factor.

When I design a blog cover, I use Canva.

2. Start.

When you create a story, you must know what you are going to point out. It is annoying to check a story – to discover that it is boring or adds nothing relevant topics. So before you start, I suggest that you create an intro or table of content first.

Your readers know what they get and get notified in the first stage. In my YouTube video, you see my speedrun design. The video covers where the best place is for adding additional content.

3. Middle.

Blogging is not only writing it is actually content writing that must fill the blog post with relevant, useful and fun tips. Its purpose is to create a bond with readers, brands, or your customers.

Don’t forget that you need to increase the click-through rate and generate more leads.

4. Ending.

Now you must end your story, but you have no idea to shut it down. What I do is write a conclusion or put some relevant links external or internal.

Most readers don’t read your whole story, but maybe you can interest them to continue reading or click on other resources.

The way how you can combine relevant content is to use navigation links, YouTube, or other social media networking channels.


When you are creating a story you must know where you place relevant action links that tie up with your content as a whole. Blogging is fun, but do not forget the content writing part.

Content writing is dividing content into pieces and slowly adding supporting content that is in line with your main content.

The main parts of a content story:

  1. Blog cover.
  2. Start.
  3. Middle.
  4. Ending.

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