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4 Ideas why working together on a blog is priceless

4 Ideas why working together on a blog is priceless

Working together

Creating a blog for an organization is the perfect way to show why customers have to choose you instead of one of your competitors.

It is an often-used channel for content marketing.

Sadly, companies often do not have time to keep a blog. Will it stop? No!

Use bloggers for your business, someone who is outside your company.

Do you write profitable blogs with which you increase the visibility of your target group? Or do you want to participate in a story?

1. Hit the investing behavior of visitors

Blogs have a lot of impact on the investing behavior of visitors in addition to webshops and websites of brands.

A blog with a product review has much more influence than a YouTube video or Facebook post with the same report.

It saves money on promotion, but it delivers a lot. Therefore working together with other bloggers is great.

2. You reach a specific target group

Do you offer specific services or products?

By addressing bloggers with a target group that fits your organization, you achieve much more than if you share the content with the general mass.

Suppose you are the owner of a small company, you could approach someone who writes about commerce and finance.

This leads to more possible customers and is a relatively cheap way to gain publicity within a relevant target group.

See the example below.

work together HubSpot
Source: HubSpot

3. Bloggers are more credible than companies

Bloggers often have a following of regular readers.

This is useful because these people know the market well and have trust in their content.

So when this blogger writes about your product or service, readers take this much more seriously than when you promote your own product or service.

Links are still vital for the SEO of a website, the very best link-building strategy is not aimed at getting backlinks.

You must create the best content so that others will share your content without asking.

Of course, you can give it a helping hand by letting others know that you have created great content.

Watch this inspiring and motivational speech.


Working together can profit you as a person whatever the place may be, you can reach more by working towards a set goal.

You don’t have to do things by yourself, working together is fun.

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