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4 Dead Simple Ways To Retain The Reader

Retain The Reader

Hi everyone,

Losing to Retain The Reader

Any reader wants to have priceless information to help the blog, business succeed.

You can write fresh content every day but still miss the goal, focus, and interest of the reader. 

What happens when you lose your focus?

When I went through school and work, I had a part-time job at FedEx. Around December there were always a lot of orders.

At that time, I learned how crucial it is to be on time and also how consumers keep returning their orders.

FedEx is known for reliable, fast, and express delivery for its buyers.

Therefore the worker/driver must be friendly to its buyers. Due to the massive work overload, and my age, I lost my focus and the job.

There are 4 ways to retain the reader and retain them to your blog.

  1. Slogan.
  2. Simple colors.
  3. Write clear to the reader.
  4. Organizing and scheduling for success.

1. Slogan.

Do you know what a slogan is? It’s a short summary of your business service. When you write a slogan for the reader, you must explain what you do in short. 

In that way, readers can quickly have an overview of what you do so you can spark the curiosity and enthusiasm of the reader. 

On my blog homepage, you see my sales offer, and on the about me page, you can get to know me. On the contact page, I guide and motivate the reader to contact and collaborate with me.

That can beef up your interactions with readers.

2. Simple colors.

Using too many colors can make your eyes feel heavy. Using complex colors can distract the reader or drop their subscription.

The bounce rate is the number of users that exit and leaving your blog forever. 

The bounce rate is high when you make things too difficult for the reader. No reader spends much time figuring out your (coded) message.

When you upload pictures to your blog, be thoughtful of the reader on the other end.

Landmarks of primary communication.

  • Eyes need rest.
  • The eyes are linked to the brain, so the brain needs time to process data.
  • The brain is connected to the mind, which can motivate, and stimulate the reader to act.

In my infographic about communication and information, you see the primary landmarks of the mind. 

infographic impact of videos and joy

3. Write clear to the reader.

Any visitor first scans your layout, and content, because they want to know instantly what your message is about.

Clarity means to explain it to the point without distractions and don’t twist your words or writings around.

So to write clearly, you must practice.

  1. Know what you say.
  2. Mean what you write.
  3. Check and proofread before you publish.

4. Organize and schedule for success.

When you blog full-time, then you must know how to time your blog post for success. I use the scheduling tool a lot for my blog publishing.

You can see my hours at the bottom of the blog.

It is wise to take into account to know various timezones knowing the time can change your viewpoint of blogging.

Know the times in this related blog post. 


Retaining the reader to your blog is a content strategy where you must take into account the landmarks of communication and information of the reader.

When you overdo the primary content-creating ways, then the bounce rate is becoming too high.

When your bounce rate is too high, you lose to retain the reader.

To retain the reader to your blog, use my 4 ways.

Those are:

  1. Slogan.
  2. Simple colors.
  3. Write clear to the reader.
  4. Organizing and scheduling for success.

Just like FedEx.

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