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4 Writing blog hacks [Blog-Lifestyle]

4 Writing blog hacks [Blog-Lifestyle]

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Blog hacks with no money only creativity

Although we often think that we need a big budget to create quality content.

We neglect (me too) that we have outstanding skills. Developing that can make us unique and nearly limitless.

There are 4 things bloggers must have to get online and be effective bloggers.

1. Use metaphors

Do you know what a metaphor is? The purpose is simple it means connecting words or sentences to the imagination.

Writers do that to impact, target, and guide their chosen words so we create the right images that fit the messages.

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 2. Use synonyms

The use of other words but the meaning is the same. So you cannot be stuck using the same words.

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3. Avoid long sentences

Don’t think that is smart to use long sentences. In fact, long sentences make the reader, not at ease, and they will probably drop out soon.

By cutting your sentences short, you make it easier for readers to digest your content and encourage them to keep reading.

Good source

4. Discover your skills, and talent, and develop them

Are you not? Not convinced watch the video! –


Building good effective writing is based on your raw skills and talent.

Discover them and develop them further without big spending.

Only use my 4 simple tactics.

You and I have other abilities, skills, and talents to use in our life don’t waste them but develop them too.

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