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4 Writing techniques that a blogger should have | Writing Tips

4 Writing techniques that a blogger must have | Writing Tips

Hi all bloggers,

Writing techniques.

The reason why blogging is tough: is that many are stuck in old ways of blogging.

Sadly most bloggers are using old content for their research.

You have to know a bit about SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and a bit about SERP (Search Engine Result Page).

Write a SERP for your blog or website. → Go here.

The next point is to know a bit about the impact of CTA buttons (Call To Action Buttons) the purpose is to beef up the CTR (Click Through Rate).

Do you want to know why you have to gain knowledge about that?

Well, the answer is simple: there is a whole lot of damaging content, and you can get quickly sidetracked while doing your research and write waste content in the process and in the worst case, mislead the reader.

There are 4 writing techniques you must develop.

  1. Master In Copywriting.
  2. Master In Content Writing.
  3. Master In The Art Of Explaining. (why, how, because, the reasons of….)
  4. Master In Editing and Visualizations.

Let’s dive into the writing techniques.

1) Master In Copywriting.

Copywriting does not mean copy-paste writing. 

It implies that your work mirrors what you mean online and on all social media profiles.

Before someone visits and tours your blog, they want to check your bio or the about page and the reason why you blog.

As a web designer and digital marketer, a clean page just looks good.

Furthermore, smart pages and light posts can speed up search traffic.

For more info, go here → Google’s PageSpeed Insights.

2) Master In Content Writing.

Mastering the content on your page is centered around your audience as they like to check your work.

That means, showcasing your best works to them and leaving the reader with a good idea about you and your efforts.

What you have to know about content is that it has to be: 

  1. Fun.
  2. New.
  3. Educational.
  4. Acceptable.
  5. Respectful.
  6. Useful.

And the list goes on.

3) Master In The Art Of Explaining. (why, how, because, the reasons of….)

Explaining is how well you use words in the context of it. 

Knowing and understanding the meaning of different types of words can change your writing viewpoint.

The guide check marks that I take when I explain stuff.

Are roughly about 5 points:

  1. The correct form of the word.
  2. Clarity of the phrase.
  3. Engagement of words.
  4. The logic of the words.
  5. The impact of the words.

Note 1) First, look at the meaning of the words. 2) Know what you are going to blog about. 3) Use well-known and universal words. 4) Keep it simple.

4) Master In Editing and Visualizations.

Editing is about getting the right colors to match the web standards so the reader can quickly follow your story.

When you insert a link, you can edit its color. The reader can see that you refer to a connection.

  • Dropner Blog, link without colors.
  • Then you have a Call To Action and gradients.
  • Numbered and bullet list.
  • Headings and mini titles.
  • Bold and italic.
  • Highlights and underline.

There are numerous editing picks ready. 

Visualizations are used for adding videos, gifs, images, pictures, podcasts, and infographics to describe without typing.

Visualizations: uses the power of creativity to get to know the topic instantly.

For more information about color palettes and their code, → go here.

This is my infographic about communications.

Infographic about communications


In 2020 visual and impact blogging that produces results will make your blog stand out from the crowd. With the use of writing techniques, you can make your content friendly for the user.

The readers are looking for landmarks and signs to which they relate to.

There are 4 writing techniques you have to develop.

  1. Master In Copywriting.
  2. Master In Content Writing.
  3. Master In The Art Of Explaining. (why, how, because, the reasons of….)
  4. Master In Editing and Visualizations.

Note: you have time to learn in 2020 in your writing and blogging career.

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