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5 Must-Have Apps for Small Business Owners For Free

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5 Must-Have Apps for Small Business Owners For Free

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Getting started with 5 must-have apps for small business owners

Whether you are a new entrepreneur running a startup or the owner of an established, multi-location small business, you need the right tools to get your work done.

In addition to listening to a meditation app when you’re feeling overwhelmed to help recharge your batteries, the right business applications can have a huge impact on your productivity.

Keep in mind that if you want to run your apps quickly and effectively, you’ll need a smartphone that can handle the workload.

If you’re working with an outdated phone, know that newer-model phones will have the power and capability to handle the latest apps on the market.

With a high-powered smartphone, a charger, and a couple of reliable accessories like a durable case and a stand, you’ll be ready to get the most out of your business apps. 

Dropner Graphic Explainer lists five must-have types of apps for small business owners, along with a few popular examples.

1. Accounting

Every business needs a way to keep the books. While every business owner should learn the basics of accounting, it is much easier to use an app to do the heavy lifting for you.

There are some great options to save time and energy on accounting for businesses of all sizes; many apps have online versions that allow you to track income and expenses from anywhere using your smartphone.

This is about as easy as it gets for small business accounting.

2. E-Commerce

Although not every small business is well-suited for online commerce, if you can find a way to make an e-commerce revenue stream, it is usually worth it.

For a restaurant, this may be online ordering. For a retailer, it is usually shipping goods to customers.

A survey by Statista showed that e-commerce is expected to account for 21.8 percent of global retail by 2024. Chances are that your business can benefit from this trend.

The right application can help you to get started selling online with minimal effort for setup.

There are several e-commerce platforms on the market, but they’re not all created equal. The most popular options, such as WooCommerce, require almost no technical knowledge to get started.

E-commerce and marketing go hand in hand, so be sure to utilize a well-conceived logo that stands out from the crowd. Whether your current logo needs to be tweaked or updated, or you have yet to create one, use Adobe’s online graphic logo design tool to easily customize a look that reflects your brand and your message.

With this tool, you can pull from thousands of professional designs and graphics to make your logo your own.

3. Payroll

If you have employees, you need appropriate payroll software. While it is technically possible to calculate your payroll by hand, it can be very complicated, and, as Volpe Consulting points out, mistakes can be extremely costly.

It is much better to use a payroll system that can help you track your employee’s time, easily manage your team and calculate all necessary withholdings.

Many apps help with this. QuickBooks is one of the most popular because it has great features such as integration with accounting software and in-depth reporting.

The time tracking tools even let you see what is happening day-by-day and project-by-project in real time.

4. Project Management

Maximizing your operational efficiency can help your business achieve optimal growth.

Good project management is a big part of this. With the right software, your team could become more organized than ever.

First, consider training your management team on project management. Then, find an application that works for your unique needs.

For a software business, this may be JIRA. Find the option that dovetails with how your team works.

5. Unified Communication

Finally, make sure you have tools for communicating with your team. Effective internal communication can have a big impact on your success.

Ideally, you should find software that can unify all your communication needs in one central place. There are several ways to approach this.

Increasingly, platforms like Zoom and GoToMeeting are the popular answers for business communication.

This includes chat, video conferencing, scheduling, and other tools for working together as a team.

Discover more about the right apps for your small business today. With the right software, you can supercharge your business’s operations.

However, it takes some research to find the right apps for your team’s unique needs.

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