5 Points Of Corporate Branding To Use For Your Blog

5 Points Of Corporate Branding To Use For Your Blog

It’s in the name

What is corporate branding?

It is not what you think. Many of us think that is selling some service or products.

The answer is buying and selling a promise or idea.

The promise of keeping others well informed.

My corporate branding promise:

  •  A new way of blogging and entrepreneurship.
  • Consistent effort and teamwork.
  • The right way of doing things.
  • Fun and performance.
  • Creative expression.
  • Modern.

There are #5 guide points you must add into your brand for your blog.

  1.  Promise.
  2.  Expression.
  3. Good intentions.
  4.  Amusing but well informed.
  5.  Recognizable and memorable.


Many bloggers think too deep about branding. And believe that corporate branding is something that only big companies can have.

Corporate branding is a trading plan that invites the user or customer to you.

Stand out from the crowd using my #5 points. With this, you are making huge steps forward.

The points are:

  1. Promise.
  2. Expression.
  3. Good intentions.
  4. Amusing but well informed.
  5. Recognizable and memorable.

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Corporate branding is the summary of promise and ideas to your customers.

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