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5 Smart Ways To Market On A Budget

Smart Ways To Market

Hi all,

Smart ways to market and grow on a budget.

As you know, it is challenging to get views on your blog. Even when you spend much time improving your writing. Of course, there are numerous methods of growing, some are low-cost, and others are expensive.

You should always develop your writing for future use. Blogging is likewise, about growing in followers count and creating ideas that make your blog likable.

There are 5 smart ways how to market your blog.

  1. Guest blogging.
  2. Social media collaborations.
  3. Branding.
  4. User engagement.
  5. Reach new markets.

1. Guest blogging.

Bloggers use guest blogging to promote their content through their own feeds.

Guest blogging should be free of charge, so this type of blog post allows others to have a quick overview of you and your content.

Guest blogging allows you to connect with others very easily, it can also beef up the SEO of your content because your content is presented for a large crowd that may want to search for you.

Preview the images below to discover how to set up your blog to allow guest bloggers.

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2. Social media collaborations

We all know the possibility of having good people around you that can help you with achieving your goals.

Social media is centered around online communications and visuals.

With that idea in mind, social media and networking stimulate teamwork and help you grow to be an entrepreneur while you be creating content.

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3. Branding

Presenting your social media profile with your mark or brand gives a good-looking perception that raises the UI and UX of your blog post. (User interface and User experience).

With a CTA and CTR inside the embed, social media buttons that showcase your content including, your brand to a broader crowd. 

Refer to your social media accounts professionally, according to web standers.

See mine below.


Want to learn more about the idea behind branding? → Download this free PDF.

4. Social engagement

Posting your business info to social media is extremely useful, but you’ll also want to build a broader online audience. For this, you have to comment, like, share, or give a shoutout to some followers.

See it this way when you post something or give shoutouts using # and @. You will create Yellow Pages that sync up with your social media profile.

5. Reach new markets

A blog to become mobile-friendly to get your content in front of a massive mobile crowd. 

That gives you the space to influence others and give impressions of your content. 

Nearly everyone has a mobile phone, it is a low-cost way to get your content online and be mobile-ready.

Discover how to set yourself up to reach new markets click here to go to post.

The reason why this belongs to all sales plans? 

Because it’s free, however, prepare yourself that requires work and use your time.  

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