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5 Solid Tips For Creating A Successful Video For Your Business

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Tips For Creating A Successful Video
Tips For Creating A Successful Video

Creating A Successful Video Where To Begin?

Do you want to know how you can start with video marketing? Most video marketers use the same fundamentals to create awesome videos. Why video marketing?

Simple: video marketing helps you turn people in your target group into customers. Just like your website, your social media activity, or your newsletters.

This is quite a credible reason to start with video marketing. Online video marketing is therefore a vital part of your entire marketing mix.

But don’t forget your target audience. They are constantly online on various channels, so you have to reach them in different ways, including video marketing.

How do you really start with video marketing? I point you in the right direction and help you on your way in this blog post.

1. What questions should I ask, myself?

It is a question that many businesses ask themselves. A question that is often paralyzing. And the shocking result is that no videos are made.

But you know? The answer is actually already in front of you. The core is always the same: don’t make videos about everything you want to tell yourself, but communicate what your customer wants to hear or know.

Because being customer-centric is also the basis for the video. How do you find out what those customers want?

Ask yourself the following video marketing questions:

  1. For who is it for?
  2. What are you going to offer?
  3. What video marketing tool is the best for that project?
  4. What questions do you receive? Via the helpdesk, but also simply via email.
  5. What do prospects or customers you meet at events say? What do they ask?
  6. What comes to the fore when you introduce or pitch your company/products?
  7. What do your salespeople hear about complaints, wishes, and concerns from your prospects and customers? This immediately gives you a nice list of possible topics. You then divide them further into subtopics.


Suppose you have a wine shop. No doubt you know a lot about the products you offer, but customers want to know other things.

You have real experts. Who enters your store and knows very clearly what they want. Or they want to hear what the newnesses about the products.

Your first topic is there: present the newnesses of the month in a short video.

From this, you get shorter pieces with, for example, the discussion of 1 wine that fits well with food. This way you meet the demand of the home cook who is looking for the perfect accompaniment to his friend’s dinner.

With those basic topics, you are immediately on the right track. You then divide it further into more delineated subtopics.

Don’t tire yourself looking for 52 topics for videos, it’s a hopeless task and is not useful to anyone.

2. On which channels and how often do I bring my video?

Are you bombing your target audience on all channels with one and the same video? Approach your video efforts with a well-thought-out marketing plan.

  • On LinkedIn, your target audience might be looking for a specific tip, on Facebook they love the fun of a blooper.
  • Instagram allows video post that is 1 minute long, IG TV is longer, and Reels is 15 seconds. So be smart with your IG video marketing post.
  • YouTube has the best resources when it comes down to video making. You can add branding, music, voice-overs, and many more. Because of the heavy use of YouTube, you must expect struggles and large competitors.

Responding to this doesn’t even have to be that difficult.

One long video is the basis. That is your core content from which you then select smaller snippets to use on other channels.

Video marketing tip: With Canva you can make videos and when you upgrade your account to Pro, you get even more.5 Solid Tips For Creating A Successful Video For Your Business5 Solid Tips For Creating A Successful Video For Your Business

5 Solid Tips For Creating A Successful Video For Your Business5 Solid Tips For Creating A Successful Video For Your Business

3. Subtitle or not?

Subtitling is always a good idea.

  • Because not everyone looks with sound.
  • Because the message sticks even better when there are images and text.
  • Because good subtitles give Google the chance to find a text with your video and index it.

That last one has an impact on your SEO.

Video and SEO you say?

Yep, if you do it right, it helps.

Not only because of the good subtitles but also by placing your video perfectly optimized on YouTube. After all, YouTube belongs to Google, and Google can appreciate it best if you embed that neat YouTube video in a nice landing page.

4. Prep your video content.

It’s a matter of prioritizing.

Those who have a lot of time and little budget will get to work with it themselves. Those who have more budget than time opt for outsourcing.

One thing is certain: working time and cost-efficiently are important. Whether you do it yourself or not.

Back to the wine shop: you have your ideas for creating video content. And now have time every week for real video production? And you don’t have to set up your set every week, set up your camera again, or test your sound again.

Even if you outsource it, it is efficient to organize 1 shooting day so that you only have to gather the entire crew once.

Preparation is half the battle.

5. Practice your story?

Authentic, as you really are. Because that means that customers immediately know whether there is a click with your company or not.

Being authentic in front of the camera is not easy for everyone.

“People who suddenly become a different person in front of the camera, even with a different accent… yep, that happens.”

But actually, it is just a matter of getting used to it. A few tips to practice your story for video content.

  • Practice in front of the mirror. That way you can see how it comes across and what is weird.
  • Say it out loud.
  • Make notes.
  • Check for examples.
  • Review videos of yourself. That is not cool and strange for everyone, but it provides very useful insights. You can see where things are faltering, where things are really not going well, and you can pay attention to that next time.
  • Ask someone you know well how your story for a video come across, and whether it is real.


Video content is one of the best ways to show something in a fast way to anyone. There is no sign that it is slowing down therefore video tools are always on the rise. You can waste time learning it from scratch and always going back to the drawing board. 

You can skip this step and learn how you can start treating it like a pro with a well-thought-out video marketing strategy. (I use Canva)

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