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Get Rid Of Errors In Your Blog | 5 Tips

Get rid of errors in your blog

Get rid of errors in your blog

Spotting typos in someone else’s blog post are relatively easy, but spotting mistakes in your own blog post remain difficult.

It would, therefore, be logical to ask someone else to check your text or proofread it. Simply to guarantee the quality of your blog post.

It is annoying when you read a blog that is full of errors and when you review the blog once again and again it still doesn’t make any sense.

Do not think that another blogger is going to point out your mistakes.

You have to reduce the mistakes yourself and in this way, you learn most about the impact of writing errors in your blog.

One of the best ways to check your own blog post for typos = is

Read below so let’s start right away!!

Put it away

When you have finished a translation, your brain is so confident with the text that you read over typos.

Leave the translation alone for a while, do something else or sleep over it and start checking the text the next day.

Reading paper can give your eyes the interruption of the screen and help detect that one error.

Read it before

Proofreading states that you have to read a blog post, but your ears may as well forget typing errors or detect punctuation as your eyes. Do not forget the standard spell-check.

Read it in a different font

By changing the font the text looks fresh and new again and your brain can recognize typing errors better.

It is useful to choose a font with for example a wider line spacing and possibly change the font size.

Phrases are distributed differently over space and typefaces or sentence constructions emerge that you would otherwise have missed.

Read the text on a smartphone or tablet

Reading the blog text on a screen that is smaller, for example on a tablet or smartphone, can be very helpful in detecting typing errors.

In addition, you can read from a tablet on the couch or in bed. The disadvantage is that word processing is more difficult on a tablet or smartphone.

Whichever method or technique is used, the goal is clear; detect and correct all typing errors or other errors in a blog text.

Just use what works best for you or combine different methods.


Increasing your writing comes with many trials and errors. Checking for errors isn’t that easy sometimes we are blind to our own mistakes and can’t fix them.

Having a 2nd opinion you can proof upon your article greatly. Because someone else has, for example, better grammar or sentence creation skills.

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