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5 Cross-Promotion Ideas That Forms A Brand Around Your Blog Or Website

Cross-Promotion Ideas

Hi bloggers,

Do you want to know how you can promote items to your following effectively? You can reach more with cross-promoting so what is that exactly? Cross-promoting and cross-marketing are from the same marketing/promotion mix.

Cross-promotion stays more on the promotion side of doing business and mixes the best promotion. In other words, → the well-thought collaboration between businesses to impact. On Optinmonster, you get great examples, and the blogger explains various subjects and goes in-depth even more.

I assume you know the basics so let us dive into the tips.

Branded and marked covers.

Most business owners use branded or marked covers it is a smart way to effectively publish promotional content what they do is hire a designer that can translate ideas into targeted works.

In my design works, I use the same promotion style to highlight the look and feel of my blog post.

I use Canva for it and many designers use it too but there are many design tools for it.

This idea is best for to you use with text and icons. In this way, you create a layout with marked words that is ready for success. What you need to pay attention to.

Do not:

  1. Use unfamiliar words.
  2. Use words that are hard to explain.
  3. Use words that are tough for the brain.
  4. Use too long words.
  5. Use too long sentences.


  1. Use simple colors (max 3)
  2. Use simple words.
  3. Organize words.
  4. Words that fit in your layout.
  5. Use tailored words.

Cross-promote through sponsored content.

Do you know what sponsored content means? That is putting the point of purchase into a cover and publishing on blogs or websites.

What you need to do is to create a design with a discount or logo or tell what you can save. 

Example of Sponsored Content By HostGator

Example of Sponsored Content By HostGator.

Cross-promotion through A Guest blog.

Although guest blogging is an underrated way of promotion by many marketers is not true. Guest blogging can serve as a marketing tool to promote sales and commercialize or pitch products and brands.

5 Cross-Promotion Ideas That Forms A Brand Around Your Blog Or Website

What most people forget is that blogging can be used in content marketing strategies and it takes a whole lot of effort to create tailor-made blog posts.

With guest blogging, you can create a call to action or better yet influence and impact on social media by your followers or somebody that come across and decides to share.

Also, a marked cover can carry your story better and faster. Do you want to guest blog? Know the options.

Cross-promote through social media.

Social media allows you to form a band with their media tools all networks allow you to create a business profile.

With a business profile, it becomes easier to promote and write tailor-made promotional content sometimes you get a popular text or word you can use for examples and adjust it to fit the audience. 

On YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram it is easy to brand your works, I am planning to use YouTube and Twitter a whole lot.

In this blog post, I show you some examples. Before you go away see my YouTube brand blog post. There you can learn how to create a brand for yourself.


There are many ways how you can cross-promote all forms that require that you have some knowledge about them.

Getting started takes a whole lot of patience and practice. If you want to start cross-promoting learn the basics first and begin to set up your brand for collaboration opportunities.

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