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5 Writing Styles That Bloggers Avoid

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Writing Styles That Bloggers Avoid

Writing Styles That Bloggers Avoid

Hi Writers,

Are you a first-time writer? And do you want to give blogging a try?

The one thing that most writers struggle = writing quality content for your community. You must give a reason why your content is worth reading.

It can be that your written content is not thought-out, and stories that copy the news are not unique for any readers. In this blog post, I give you 5 Writing Styles That Bloggers Avoid.

Table of content.

  1. Politically correct writing.
  2. The teacher’s writing. (no truth)
  3. A writing style that is a copy of the news.
  4. Writing, styles that are too boring to read.
  5. Years back writing.
  6. Try Canva.

1. Politically correct writing.

Politics are the dullest subject that nobody is all that interested in. This writing is old-fashioned and, it covers ideas and tips that are over 20 years back in past. Most readers don’t like that type of content as it refers to old sources.

Learn from my mistakes.

2. The teacher’s writing. (no truth)

This writing style is forcing teachings on readers. There is no target audience so writing is not building the person. 

  • For example, an easy way to make money.
  • For example, steps to earning cash.

Those example titles are not targeted to an audience.

The truth is that such blog posts forget the challenging parts that come with them. Those missing parts are the lifeline for readers.

The best way is your own experience. If someone is writing about affiliate marketing but lacks experience, that content 100% missed the mark. You can tell that there is some truth missing.

3. A writing style that is a copy of the news.

Some writers copy the news and paste that content into their blogs. Trying to brand, get readers, increase their follower count, and make profits from it.

All the news covered by the news networks such as The BBC News and The New York Times, or other global broadcast networks is marked and tagged.

So you can only link them as your news resources. What most writers do is rewrite that news and sell it as new.

Avoid news blogs as they write things you probably know as you explore the news network.

4. Writing, styles that are too boring to read. (involve the reader)

When you do not involve the reader, your writings become boring, and your audience will go somewhere else. Writing is fun and innovative, and as the years flow by, you can learn some things about your audience as a writer. Before you write, you must learn a bit about your audience.


  1. General education.
  2. Country.
  3. Age.
  4. Their interest.
  5. Profession.
  6. Their ideas.
  7. Social media.

When you analyze your stats, you can take steps towards your goals and write a target and well-written blog post.

5. Years back writing.

This means that you link to resources that date back from 3 up to 10 years back.

Also, you have an old-fashioned vocabulary. You have to upgrade your writing and come up with fresh ideas.

The best way is to make an image in your head of the perfect user and write for it.

What you must avoid is just writing without thinking about the user. If you struggle with new and fresh works then, I suggest that you use Canva.

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