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6 Credibility Signs Every Blogger Must Have

6 Credibility Signs Every Blogger Must Have

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Credibility Signs

When we create our blog, the target must be to raise credibility.

The next question is, how can you reach that?

Sure sometimes it’s like a puzzle that can give you a hard time-solving.

But the question can be answered by paying attention to the 6 signs to build recognition of your blog.

  1. Punishing. (correcting)
  2. Layout.
  3. User-friendly.
  4. A unique selling point.
  5. Entertainment.
  6. Active.

Let us learn the 6 credibility signs, so we are equipped to make a blog roadmap.

1). The sign of punishing

Every blog post needs some improvements that also keep your other content up to date.
With fixing expect that is not a simple job, you have to spend time and effort.

Learn more about repairing and fixing. → Do you re-check your blog writings? 5 Powerful tips

2). The sign of layout

Whether you have primary design skills or not.

Simple layout affects the click-through rate of the user.

Choose a WordPress theme that fits your blog operations.

Also, look if that theme supports call-to-action buttons.

3). The sign of user-friendly

The most important thing is your followers.

Point them in the right way through your blog.

There are many topics to cover but focus on the best one.

Such as motivational, lifestyle, hacks, improvements, reviews, news, inspirer, health, food, and cooking blogs.

Have a user-friendly interface in your market.

4). A unique selling point

Most bloggers struggle with having a unique selling point.

A unique selling point separates you from your competitors.

Ask yourself the following questions.

  • What do you offer?
  • Do you have better service?
  • Why is that a benefit?
  • Do you offer solutions?

For example: Offer guest blogging (request an invite), have a blogging service, write a story that covers the beneficial part, or have ideas and solutions.

Getting stuck sucks, reach more with guest blogging | contact to get started

5). Entertainment

How to get more recognition is by using entertainment parts in your messages?

Including entertainment, parts will help simplify your message quicker.

That supports the click-through rate or extra viewing.

6). Active sign

To be active means to be a good source that produces useful knowledge.

Being busy can boost your content results.

The performance depends on your writing style, your blog type, your works, your mindset, and your creativity.

That’s your own blog mission good luck.


Paying attention and being on the watch for blogging signs can point you in the right way.

Blogging is a very long road, with many pitfalls and blog struggles.

Be aware of the 6 blog signals and use that for your winnings, in return that boosts your likeability and credibility.

Before you publish, you might want to re-check your writing for tone, clarity, and correctness.

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