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6 Solid Ways To Create Money With Your Blog

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Create Money
6 Solid Ways To Create Money With Your Blog6 Solid Ways To Create Money With Your Blog

Hi, all writers and bloggers,

First, learn to budget and offer.

Every blogger or business owner wants to create money with their content. But you have to know some things about online money.

I personally think it’s about money management and how to deal with it. I know that there is a whole lot written around this issue.

  • The first step = having a debt-free life.
  • The second step = know and track money.
  • The third step = know your offers.

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There are 6 legit ways to create money with blogging those are:

  1. Being a freelancer to hire on Upwork and Fiverr.
  2. Free support plus donations.
  3. Offer a business service plan.
  4. Sales through E-commerce, affiliate links, or webshop.
  5. Offering social media service.
  6. Commercial and promotions.

Let us discover and learn together.

1. Being a freelancer to hire on Upwork and Fiverr.

Upwork is a platform that brings businesses and freelancers together. Someone can hire you for the job for a month, 3 months, 6 months, or longer. 

Every week you get paid only if your tasks are finished. And all payments go through PayPal. You can end the contract at any time, and as of last, you get a score depending on the time of completion and customer fulfillment.

Fiverr is one of the cheapest and most varied freelancer sites available today. With free registration and jobs starting at just $ 5, it’s easy to see why Fiverr is one of the most popular platforms to quickly hire a freelancer for your project. 

Many different services are offered via the website. Therefore, chances are that you can find a fitting freelancer for your project through Fiverr. 

The platform is very user-friendly and offers a system of evaluations and feedback so that you can view an overview of the best clients and freelancers.

2. Free support plus donations.

This is not a typical way to earn a whole lot of money, but supporting and donating is a forgotten way of money-making. 

It’s about the willingness of the reader or user that likes to read or comment on your blog post.

Because it’s free, it means you can’t market or commercialize it.

3. Offer a business service plan.

A service is being presented as a business plan for your project. It can be that your idea is worth the money.

This is the slowest way to earn something, the reason is that the offer is targeted at businesses plus entrepreneurs, and most visitors are readers who like or follow your content.

However, this is a legit way to offer your plan for their business project. 

Remember, be ready and develop the skills needed for the business projects you never know when it turns out for your own good.

I made this nice online presentation about my plans on my YouTube channel. You can see the video below.👇👇

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Do you know what an affiliate link is? It is a direct link to a product you earn a commission only when you make a sale based on that link.

It’s usually accompanied by some discounts. You get a 30% discount on your order phrases like this are often used.

A webshop is about presenting your offers with some discounts, and it must be very user-friendly.

This involves matching prices, and how you make a payment must be clear to the end user.

Providing an income source in this manner demands that you need to have a grip on it. 


  • Simple payments.
  • Mention price, size, and benefits.
  • Provide description and information.

Do not:

  • Offer products that are out of stock. 
  • Beg for reviews or add links.
  • Turn customers away.
6 Solid Ways To Create Money With Your Blog
6 Solid Ways To Create Money With Your Blog

5. Offering social media service.

Do you ever hear about Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or Instagram marketing?

This concept is about how to get views, engagements, or impressions.

It starts with getting your content noticed and branding it. Many social media users post selfies, but few people know the business and marketing side of it. 

If you know how to analyze and read stats, then you can offer it and earn something. 

6. Commercial and promotions.

The content on your blog must be Google and other search engine proof. The reason is that traffic through your blog comes from search engines. So, in other words, your content must have 2 functions.

The commercial side = PageRank, SEO, keywords, social media ready, simple, findability, and page structure.

The promotional side = likes, followers count, clarity, correctness, engagement, and shareability.

That will turn your content into a high conversion rate webpage.

When you have successfully turned your blog into an attention-grabbing machine. 

You can turn your content into a money machine.


Create Money with your blog is not that easy. It demands a whole lot of effort, and it’s not always a fun thing to do. 

Doing business and making those sales is a boring story. But it is vital to have one I suggest going with a simple one that fits your plan.

Some go for Upwork, and some go for Fiverr. Whatever the case me be, go for a legit one.

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Thank you.

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