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7 Blog Branding Ideas That Doesn’t Suck

7 Blog Branding Ideas That Doesn't Suck

Forgotten ideas

In blogging land the main thing that is forgotten is blog branding. There are 7 trillion blog owners that have to distinguish themselves.

That is called branding, that is a summary of many ways to be unique and to build a worthy brand.

As a blog owner, you can apply that same tactic for every blog post you create!

Wow, that is amazing! Because that is fun, challenging, and stimulate creativity.

Sadly, many content writers post messages that are too boring also the topics are not appealing or stands out.

Here are 7 ideas to boost blog branding (that is forgotten).

1) Guest posting

Guest posting is the top because you can create new content every time you post something.

You can always include an (outbound) link, this can have a positive result in search traffic to your blog!

That creates the capability to grab the attention of new readers, keep in mind that the quality of your writing relates to them.

To be up-to-date with the latest trend in blogging and entrepreneurship, go guest blogging (request an invite).

2) Tactics explaining

The reason many business owners use this tool is, to bring transparency for the customers and that creates value.

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Creating value explains what the company does, how the company works, pricing, and more. That creates a bond between you and the reader.

This can increase value, popularity, and quality branding. (example my welcome page).

 Check My About Page

3) Motivational about life

Everyone needs some motivational tips to max out their performance.

Life can be hard and with blogging things get extra hard there are many barriers, misunderstandings, or wrong ways of doing things.

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That can limit your efforts and that’s not good.

Use basic knowledge, insight, and wisdom of life to improve understanding and to level up your motivational skills.

4) Healthy tips (not only food)

This means blogging with proactive, refreshing ideas, and tips to dodge bad things that can negatively impact your writing.

Explaining is essential when helping someone through your content.

5) Maximum performance

If some bloggers struggle with the same issue you used to had. By clearing out the issue that person will be thankful and give you more support.

Also, create a user-friendly interface to standout that allows the visitor to be comfortable with you.

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Supporting content: this can have a positive impression because that will improve the awareness of the brand.

6) Inner workings explaining

You can be good at explaining the reasons:

  • For how?
  • Where?
  • Why people do things?
  • Why you do things?

When you write content, have in mind that you give a strong in-depth viewpoint. Use an infographics you can create one with

Set yourself up for success by developing this skill and level up your brand with smart story’s that your audience understands.

7) Interactions and human behavior

The way people respond to your writing depends on how you judge them. Instead of thinking wrong about your readers you must understand that not everybody is always interested in your content.

If you write positive you get more positive engagement, if you write negative you will get no response, nothing else.

When writing positive other’s see you as a worthy positive brand.


Branding depends on many things if you become negative you will attract negative responses.

Increasing your brand in a positive way can help your online image and get more good stuff done that benefits your blog/business.

Having a worthy brand can get you better rewards (like, followers, popularity or more interactions) that is a good thing!

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